VFS Benchrest June Match

Picture #1: Back row from left to right: Wayne Christian, Sheldon Turf, Ron Orton, Stan Lapointe,Pete Savage and Dave Blazza.
Front row from left to right: Al Stropus, John Ames and Richard Trees.

Picture #2: Back row from left to right: Al Stropus, Sheldon Turf, Ron Orton, Stan LaPointe, Pete Savage, Dave Blazza
Front Row from Left to right: Howard Bloom, John Ames and Richard Trees

Picture #3: John Ames with his 50-5x, Sheldon is camera shy!

Another Fine day at DSRPC with temperatures at 107 degrees. The wind was blowing every which way, but I got lucky on the long yardage. But on the short side, both Sheldon Turf and John Ames, shot a 50-5x prefect score. Great shooting guys! Again, I want to thank the out of state guys for coming to our match and for bringing lunch!

-Howard Match director


Name 200yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Ron Orton 240-3x 3rd 225-2x 9th 465-5x 9th
Howard Bloom 248-4x 1st 245-10x 3rd 493-14x 2nd
Stan LaPointe 247-10x 2nd 235-7x 7th 482-17x 6th
Richard Trees 244-6x 6th 221-9x 10th 465-15x 8th
Sheldon Turf 247-6x 3rd 250-11x 1st 497-17x 1st
Wayne Christian 246-7x 4th 245-9x 4th 491-16x 3rd
Al Stropus 235-1x 9th 229-3x 8th 464-4x 10th
Pete Savage 233-2x 10th 244-6x 5th 477-8x 7th
Dave Blazza 241-4x 6th 242-3x 6th 483-7x 5th
John Ames 237-2x 8th 246-14x 2nd 483-16x 4th



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