VFS Benchrest April Match

What a day! Windy, with gusts up to 35mph and mirage like you would not believe. Our targets were being blown right off the target holders.

There will be no VFS match in May. Our next match will be on June 23rd. We are still having the 22 Rimfire match.

-Howard Match director


Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Ron Carter249-5x1st218-5x5th467-4x4th
Howard Bloom244-6x6th72-0x316-6x8th
Stan LaPointe247-4x3rd233-2x1st480-6x1st
Dave Beck215-4x9th215-4x10th
Sheldon Turf248-4x2nd227-1x1st475-5x2nd
Joel Nader246-1x1st213-0x6th459-1x5th
Wayne Christian245-5x5th222-1x4th467-6x3rd
Lance Gifford239-4x7th152-0x7th391-4x7th
John Ames233-2x8th65-0x9th298-2x9th
Richard Trees199-2x10th231-0x2nd430-2x6th


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