Thrifty People’s Benchrest

Thrifty People’s Benchrest

The Thrifty People’s Benchrest is a .22 cal rifle match, created for both the experienced and non experienced rifle shooter using basic shooting equipment in order to introduce them to competitive shooting. Come out and join the fun at DSRPC on the second Thursday of each month.

  • Match will be 2nd Thursday of the Month.
  • Range 6 closed to Non-match shooters from 6:00am until Noon.
  • The time frame should be 9:00am – 11:30am.
  • Setup 8:00am.
  • Safety meeting 8:50am.
  • Shooting starts 9:00am.

All shooters must be signed up by 8:50AM safety meeting.
No one will be allowed to compete without being in the safety meeting. Sign ups will end at 8:49AM.


Rifle: Off the shelf .22 rifle. Price may not exceed $450. No modifications or upgrades of any kind, such as barrel or trigger. Bolt action, semi auto, tube fed, single shot and magazine
fed, are all used in this match.

Scope: A scope may be used. The price may not exceed $150.00.

Rests: Front rest may be sandbags or bipods or a benchrest that does not exceed $200.00,
and is a two piece rest. Rear rest of any kind may be used but no vice.

Targets: 100 yard Hunter targets.

Championship points are determined from your best of 7 months scores. Points are
awarded each month for 1st as 10. 2nd as 9. 3rd as 8. 4th as 7. 5th as 6. From 6th place on,
5 points are awarded.

Distance: 50 yards.

  • Ammo shall not exceed $10 per box of 50.
  • Iron Sight rifles will be a separate class and are not subject to price rules
  • 17 HMR rifles will have a seperate class if anyone wishes to shoot them. They are not restricted on price or mods.
  • Ruger Chargers or other similar type rimfires may be used and are a separate class