DSRPC NRL22 October 2019 Match

People at the Tactical Precision Rimfire match in October

The weather was great for our October match. We had 2 new shooters, Sarah and Mike. Congratulations J.D., J.P., Simon, Janae, Sonja, Ryland, Seven, and David on your medals.

NameNRL #ClassNRL 1NRL 2NRL 3NRL 4NRL 5Local 1Total PointsNRL 22Points
JD Darley302Open10090909010080550470
Joseph Park Jr662Open909090908870518448
Simon Shih54Open1005080809890498408
Tyler Frehner1Open8010080708480494414
Michael Chang566Open907040809090460370
Janae Frehner10Ladies7070804078100438338
Joe Esler956Open704060908280422342
Jack Little281Open706040809670416346
Kyle Graham682Open504050908690406316
David Thornton534Air Rifle606070308650356306
Ryland Shih571Young Gun100090408230342312
Seven Frehner114Young Gun705030707240332292
Mike Holt0Open505030305820238218
Daniel Graham717Open50600206620216196
Sarah Thornton0Air Rifle3020005010110100


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