SW Regional VFS Match

SW Regional Hunter Match SW Regional Hunter Match

Today was the SW Regional VFS Match the match was tight till the end we had 5 50-5x and 31 50 not bad for only 8 shooters. Congregations to Wayne Christian for his 500-28x.  This the last VFS match this year, I thank the shooters from Utah & Arizona and our club members for coming out this year. Don’t forget every VFS match we have a 22 Rimfire match also. To all the shooters and their family’s have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and A Safe and happy New Year. Hope to see you all next year.

-Howard Match director


Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Howard Bloom249-9x6th247-6x2nd496-15x4th
Wayne Christian250-19x3rd250-9x1st500-28x1st
Richard Trees248-11x7th 240-0x7th488-11x7th
Sheldon Turf250-19x2nd243-4x4th493-23x5th
Joel Nader250-16x4th247-2x3rd497-18x2nd
Ron Orton243-6x 8th228-1x8th471-7x8th
Ron Carter249-14x5th244-5x7th493-19x6th
Stan LaPointe250-21x1st246-5x4th496-26x3rd


VFS Match Equipment List
NameCaliberAction BarrelGunsmithStocker Scppe/PwrCaseLoad/GrPowderBullet/WtPrimer
Wayne Christian30BrBatKreigerOcock  OcockN/Force/55Laupa36.0LT30BergerCCI
Howard Bloom30BrBatKreigerTurfTurfN/ForceLaupa37.04198EPS205M
Joel Nader6PPCPandaHartSelfKelblyLeupoldLaupa29.78208Nader/65205
Stan LaPointe30BRXBatKreigerTurfTurfN/ForceLaupa36.64198BIBCCI
Ron Carter30×47PandaKreigerTurfTurfN/Force/55Laupa41.88208EPSCCI
Sheldon Turf30BrPandaKreigerSelf SelfN/Force/42Laupa35.04198BIBFed
Ron Orton6.5×47N/AN/ACarterCarterWeaver 24Laupa34.44198BIBCCI

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