SW Regional VFS Match

SW Regional Hunter Match
SW Regional VFS Match SW Regional VFS Match


Today was the SW Regional VFS Match the match was tight till the end we had 5 50-5x and 31 50 not bad for only 8 shooters. Congregations to Wayne Christian for his 500-28x.  This the last VFS match this year, I thank the shooters from Utah & Arizona and our club members for coming out this year. Don’t forget every VFS match we have a 22 Rimfire match also. To all the shooters and their family’s have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and A Safe and happy New Year. Hope to see you all next year.

-Howard Match director


Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Howard Bloom249-9x6th247-6x2nd496-15x4th
Wayne Christian250-19x3rd250-9x1st500-28x1st
Richard Trees248-11x7th 240-0x7th488-11x7th
Sheldon Turf250-19x2nd243-4x4th493-23x5th
Joel Nader250-16x4th247-2x3rd497-18x2nd
Ron Orton243-6x 8th228-1x8th471-7x8th
Ron Orton249-14x5th244-5x7th493-19x6th
Stan LaPointe250-21x1st246-5x4th496-26x3rd


VFS Match Equipment List
NameCaliberAction BarrelGunsmithStocker Scppe/PwrCaseLoad/GrPowderBullet/WtPrimer
Wayne Christian30BrBatKreigerOcock  OcockN/Force/55Laupa36.0LT30BergerCCI
Howard Bloom30BrBatKreigerTurfTurfN/ForceLaupa37.04198EPS205M
Joel Nader6PPCPandaHartSelfKelblyLeupoldLaupa29.78208Nader/65205
Stan LaPointe30BRXBatKreigerTurfTurfN/ForceLaupa36.64198BIBCCI
Ron Carter30×47PandaKreigerTurfTurfN/Force/55Laupa41.88208EPSCCI
Sheldon Turf30BrPandaKreigerSelf SelfN/Force/42Laupa35.04198BIBFed
Ron Orton6.5×47N/AN/ACarterCarterWeaver 24Laupa34.44198BIBCCI

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