SW Regional Hunter Match

SW Regional VFS Match SW Regional VFS Match

Today was the SW Hunter Regional Championship, Dave Reymore again was the man to beat. Congregations Dave. In the 22 Rimfire Lee Shimabkuro was the man to beat, Congregations Lee. Don’t forget with every Hunter match we have a 22 Rimfire match. This is the last Hunter match for this year. To all the shooters and their family’s have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and A Safe and happy New Year. Hope to see you all next year.

-Howard Match Director


Name 100yds Place 200yds Place Grand Agg Place
Howard Bloom 236-2x 3rd 204-1x 3rd 440-3x 3rd
Ron Orton 240-4x 2nd 240-2x 2nd 480-8x 2nd
Dave Reymore 247-11x 1st 247-7x 1st 494-18x 1st
Name 100yds Place 200yds Place Grand Agg Place
Richard Trees 224-0x 1st DNF 224-0x 1st
22 Rim Fire
Ron Carter 217-1x 2nd 230-8x 2nd 456-9x 2nd
John  Bender 201-0x 3rd 239-x 3rd 438-2x 3rd
Lee Shimabkuro 227-0x 1st  249-7x 1st 476-7x 1st

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