Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge

Our mission is to promote safe, fair and fun participation in Steel Shooting competition, for members of all ages and skill levels, through effective leadership, education, communication and administration.

The competition was founded in 1981 and has expanded to almost every country throughout the world.

Our Steel Challenge matches will features 5 of the 8 courses of fire and will change monthly. There are 5 steel targets, per stage, shot in 4 or 5 runs, called strings, depending on the stage. Targets range in distance from 21 feet all the way out to the 35-yard line.

The smaller steel targets used are 10 & 12-inch round plates. While the largest is an 18×24 rectangular steel plate.

The goal is simple. Shoot the plates as fast as you can. The fastest time, or lowest score, wins. Make up shots on targets are allowed but it’s important to note that every stage features a stop plate. You can choose to shoot all other plates on a stage in any order you like, but a hit on the stop plate ends that run. Any targets missed after a hit on the stop plate earn a time penalty that is added to your score.

Competitors can choose to compete with a small caliber Rimfire 22LR, pistol or rifle, or any centerfire pistol or rifel up to a .45 caliber. However, .223 & 5.56 caliber rounds are not allowed. There is no special equipment needed. All 22LR Pistols, Rifles & Pistol Caliber Carbine, (PCC), start from the Low Ready. A holster is not required for 22LR. Centerfire pistols do start from the holster.

We shoot on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
All you need is to follow the 4 safety shooting rules and a desire to have fun. For more information go to:

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