September ViMSAR Match

Warm with light winds for this month’s match. All stages ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise noted.
The tie breaker, Stage One, started with the grenade pitch and then six pistol rounds alternating targets at 20 and 30yds. From any unsupported position, sweep targets at 300, 300 and 200yds. One round each and repeat.
Prone supported on Stage Two, engaging targets at 300, 300 and 200yds, Nevada Sweep.
Sitting supported on Stage Three, with targets at 200, 300 and 400yds. Hit twice and move. Two points for all 400yd. hits.
Another Nevada Sweep on Stage Four, with targets at 300, 300 and 140yds. Sitting unsupported.
Standing on Stage Five, with ten rounds at a single 200yd. target. Snipers engaged a single 400yd. target from sitting supported position.
Possible high score of 65.

Steve W.Springfield M1A.30845
Andy W.FN FAL.30836
Lou P.FN FAL.30834 (105.19 secs)
J.C. L.Czech VZ-587.62×3934 (124.01 secs)

Sniper Match

Charlie P.Mauser K-98.30847
James D.Springfield ’03-A4.30-0643
Tony D.Mauser K-988×5735
Klaus T.Springfield M1A.30830 (DNF)