SCP Accurized AR Match

Date(s) – October 18, Sunday
7:00 am

Range 9 and 9A

Match Time: Setup and registration starts at 7 am.
Match Starts immediately after the Safety Briefing.

Match Entry Fee: $20.00

Additional Info:

This match is designed for the beginning to intermediate shooter. The format of the match will be based on NRL/PRS style matches with a time limit and also around limit. Targets will be generous in size. There will be plenty of props and moderate movement. It is not a Run and Gun match.

Gear recommendations:
• Most calibers of an AR variant are allowed, subject to the same rules as the Precision Rifle Match. No steel core, velocity under 3100 fps.

• An optic that is a minimum of 6 power, 8-10 being the minimum ideal. Because this match has a precision element to it, we recommend an optic with MOA or Milliradian reticles versus a BDC (Ballistic Drop Compensator) reticle. The BDC reticle will work, and again, if your goal is to learn how to run your current gear better, then by all means feel free to go that direction. Open sights will probably hamstring you more than you would like as targets will go out to 600 yards, although most will be between 100 and 500 yards.

The match will consist of 6 stages with a 20 round maximum per stage so 120 rounds are recommended. Shooters should have a minimum of 3 magazines and the ability to carry magazines on the body to the shooting area.

The match will emphasize safety and rifle manipulation. Shooters will need to be verbal and clear with the ROs anytime movement is involved. Procedures are covered in the safety brief and to shoot the match you must be at the briefing. Let me be clear, unsafe practices have zero tolerance.

ECI (Empty Chamber Indicators) are required. Eye and ear protection mandatory.

DSRPC Range Map

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