Regarding The 2018 Nominations

Regarding the 2018 nominations of Martha Antonio (Sargent at Arms) and Wally Pinjuv (Vice President). The DRSPC bylaws state the following regarding nominations for elected office:

Article VI, Paragraph 4 (Elections), a (Nominations), 10:

10. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that their nominee is eligible to run for an elected office based on the following minimum requirements.

Article VI, Paragraph 4 (Elections), b (Executive Board), 1 thru 3:

1. Any nominee for an Executive Board officer must be at least (21) years of age.2. Have been active member in good standing of the DSRPC during the previous 12 calendar months (March- February); and2. Must have attended a minimum of (60%) of the general membership meeting during the previous 12 calendar months (March-February). General membership meeting attendance credit will be applied to any member who performs club service at the direction of the Executive Board with five affirmative votes from the board. These duties include but are not limited to range orientation seminars basic rifle course. The member will receive credit for having attended one general membership meeting for every four hours of assigned duty. The Executive Board will assign the duties and document the hours served. The documentation will be forwarded to the Secretary and applied to member’s 60% eligibility requirements if applicable.

3. Nominee for Chief Instructor must provide proof that he or she is a current NRA Certified Instructor.


  1. Neither member attended a minimum of (60%) of general membership meetings.
  2. Both performed club service known only by select member(s) of the Executive Board.
  3. The Executive Board did not direct or assign the duties performed by the nominees.
  4. There is no evidence either member received the required five (5) affirmative votes from the Executive Board.
  5. Both members did not meet the minimum requirements making them eligible to run for an elected office.

Based on the facts above, and following DSRPC bylaws, the Secretary has declared both candidates ineligible to run for elected office.

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