Precision Tactical Rifle

Precision Tactical Rifle

What is Precision Rifle?

A better description would probably be: Precision Tactical Long Range Rifle. This discipline has all of those aspects involved. It will enable the hunter to develop the skills and confidence to take shots that they may have once thought to be too far or difficult and it will make the practical rifle shooter more capable to shoot quicker and get better hits.

Precision: The size of the target will usually be 1-3 MOA (1” at 100 yards equals 1 MOA, 3” at 300 yards is also 1MOA). Target acquisition and engagement will be fun and challenging. Most targets will be reactive.

Tactical: Decision making and problem solving is a natural part of this match. Shooting positions will vary greatly from prone, freehand, kneeling, seated as well as shooting off of and from a variety of surfaces, off of and through obstacles, uneven and inclined surfaces and so forth.

Long Range: Distances will vary from 225-1100 yards. Round count is 75 minimum. Some stages will see the shooter engage targets at multiple distances within a single stage.

Match Organization:

The Match will consist of 8-10 stages or strings of fire on steel targets. These stages will consist of 4-10 rounds each normally. Steel stages will use a variety of steel targets of varying sizes at 225-1100 yards. Round count is 75 minimum. Have your rifle zeroed and know your data out to 1100 yards. Bring food/snacks and water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for the season.


Rifles for these types of matches are usually a low recoil type. This is because it allows the shooter to better see their impacts to make corrections on follow up shots as well as to get back on target quicker. Rifles seen at these matches have ranged from .223 to 30-06. Magnum calibers are inappropriate for various reasons like the heavy recoil causing damage to targets as well as the shooter after 60 rounds. We recommend a minimum 10x optic with a ranging type reticle for best results. Most shooters use a variable power optic with a matching reticle in the measuring unit of choice, either MOA or MIL. Turrets should be open and adjustable, not capped.


Match appropriate ammunition will be centerfire rifle cartridges using lead core ammunition. Bullets containing a steel core or any steel alloy will not be allowed (if it sticks to a magnet it is not approved) to limit damage to steel targets. Velocity limit is 3100 fps.

Match Location and Time:

The match will be conducted on Range 9 and will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month except for the month of December. The match will setup at 7am and begin at 8am. We have a Facebook page, Desert Sportsman Precision Rifle. On this page you can see events and sign up for the match via the Practiscore link that is there. The event page will also allow you tell us you are coming so we can plan accordingly.

Match Participation Fees:

  • $15 Per DSRPC Member
  • $10 Per Non-Member at the Gate; Match fee $20
  • $10 Active Duty Military
  • Zero Cost to Spectators