Precision Tactical Rifle January Match

People at the Precision Tactical Rifle Match in January 2020
The first DSRPC Sin City Precision rifle match is in the books and a great match it was. The weather was superb, as it usually is this time of year. We had 8 guest shooters, and one all the way from Norway. Runan Jonsson was in town for SHOT and made arrangements with the club to borrow a rifle (generously done by Jeremy Tye) and he shot so good he took 2nd place. Matt Hornback from Reno came down and took 1st place. Local Colin McClain placed 3rd shooting a .223. Very solid performances. Dane Miller, our 2019 Champion had a scope mount issue and finally managed to get a field zero but cost him in this one. I’m sure he’ll be back with a vengeance next month.

The Top 6 shooters were separated by only 6.5 points so the course of fire was put together well and made it competitive for everyone. Thanks to all who came out and for the crew helping with set up and take down, especially Colin McClain and Jack Little. Lookin’ forward to next month, February 15th.

Come on out the 3rd Saturday every month!!


PlaceNameClassDivTimeMatch PointsMatch %
1Matthew HornbackUnclassifiedO150.3246.50100.00%
2Runar JonssonUnclassifiedO107.7444.0094.62%
3Colin McClainUnclassifiedO150.1041.0088.17%
4Simon ShihUnclassifiedO65.4140.5087.10%
5Jared FlanaganUnclassifiedO150.5240.0086.02%
6David PughUnclassifiedO229.1640.0086.02%
7Mike MontgomeryUnclassifiedO157.0037.5080.65%
8Dane MillerUnclassifiedO150.7634.0073.12%
9Gaston VergaraUnclassifiedO188.9034.0073.12%
10Robert MasonUnclassifiedO239.1831.0066.67%
11Jack LittleUnclassifiedO198.1024.0051.61%
12Michael SalasUnclassifiedO228.7423.5050.54%
13Dirk TejanUnclassifiedO207.5413.0027.96%
14Derrick GuayUnclassifiedO231.4611.0023.66%


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