NRA Smallbore Silhouette

NRA Smallbore Silhouette


Shot on the odd months.


The course of fire. Scoring, and rifles permitted: Smallbore Silhouette Rifle may not weigh more than 10lb 2oz scope or iron sights, chambered in 22 short, long or long rifle. Smallbore Hunting rifle may not weigh more that 8 ½ lbs, scope or iron sights, chambered in 22 short, long or long rifle All targets will be shot from the off-hand (standing) position. The distances of the targets were adopted to allow this event to be fired at most rifle/pistol ranges In keeping with the shorter distances, the size of the animals are reduced accordingly to maintain the challenge of the match.

Course of fire:

The course of fire will be 40 shots for record, two (2) 5 shot strings (fire targets one shot per target); chicken, pig, turkey, and ram. Timing will be two- and one-half minutes will be allowed to fire one shot on each target of a bank of five targets.


Targets are shot in sequence, 1 shot per target, (Two (2) 5 shot strings (fire targets one shot per target). Targets shot out of sequence will be scored a miss. If a target is missed, shoot will move on to the next target,


Sighter targets/Targets to be placed at the following distances;

Chickens- 40 meters/yards

Pigs – 60 meters/yards

Turkeys – 77 meters/yards

Rams – 100 meters/yards

These are common distances at our club and other clubs around the country, some clubs have established different distances fir this game, so these are not absolute distances, but are intended as a guideline for those wishing to start this game.

Match Fee:

The match fee will be ten dollars per shooter per gun that they shoot. First time shooters will be free to shoot their first match.