DSRPC 3-21-2021 Agenda

E-Board agenda          3-21-2021   John Nagazyna            Signing out of club property   John Nagazyna            Match results   Dave Moran                Solar power   Walter Pinjuv              update on shade shelters   Walter Pinjuv              legal concerns   J. Zubiena                   Discussion...

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Nominations for Office – March General Membership Meeting

Nominations for Office - March General Membership Meeting President Walter Pinjuv - incumbent John Ovnik - challenger  - more info Vice president John Ovnik - declined Jim Zubiena - Elected as the only one running for the position Secretary John Ovnik-declined NO OTHER NOMINATIONS - position is open Chief instructor Rush Harkleroad - elected...

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General Membership Meeting Information

After reviewing suggestions received by the members of DSRPC, the general membership meeting will be held on the first Saturday of the Month at 1200 after the work party. This will begin on Saturday April 3, 2021 at 1200. The March meeting will remain on Thursday March 4, 2021 at 1830. Moving forward, the board is hoping that more members will participate in both the wo...

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