New matches to the 2019 calendar

The DSRPC E-Board added a few new matches to the 2019 calendar.

A John C. Garand CMP sanctioned competition on Range 8 was approved. MAtch date is March 2, 2019 after range cleanup.

USPSA is a very popular discipline in planned for Sunday March 3. The event will be held on range 4B. Watch the calendar for details.

The Paralyzed Veterans on Nevada asked for and was granted to use of the pistol range #4 for a competition. The event is planned for March 30 closing the range from approximately noon to 6PM.

Appleseed Project 2018 held by Dan Hong was exceedingly popular. The board approved 4 more for 2019. Watch the website and newsletter for details.

DSRPC will be hosting the NRL National Championship May 23-27 on Ranges 7 and 9. This is a big time national match.

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