Message to Match Directors

Hello, All Match Directors,


      Could you please email the following information to:


      What matches you run
      What range you use
      Your email address and phone number.


      Also, I need all your match dates for 2022 NO later than November 1st, 2021. This is so I can check and make sure we can support you and your discipline.  If you are planning to have a large match ie: Regional, State,  Sectional, and how many ranges you will need. you will need to let me know sooner than November 1st, so I can get them in the calendar, and make sure that there will be no conflicts..


      Once I approve your match dates, and ranges you will need to send them into the club web sites they can be posted onto the event calendar.


       It is the Match Directors responsibility to get their match dates/ranges approved by the ERO and then have them posted on the web page. If this is not done then you might not be running your matches until it is fixed.


Thank you
John Nagazyna

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