May ViMSAR Match

Great weather for this month’s match, with very light winds later on. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated.

  • A shooter’s choice on Stage One. From prone supported position, five rounds at a 300yd. target, then change to weak side. Shooter’s choice to continue at the same target, for two points per hit, or engage a larger 200yd. target for one point per hit.
  • Sitting supported on Stage Two, engaging a 400yd. target until hit. Then one round at a generous 200yd. target. Repeat. No sight adjustment after the first shot.
  • Alternate targets at 300 and 175yds. on Stage Three. From sitting unsupported position.
  • A Nevada Sweep on Stage Four, with targets at 225, 200 and ‘Gary’ at 175yds. From standing position. Snipers could use any unsupported position.
  • Stage Five, the tie breaker, started with the grenade pitch and then six pistol rounds at a 25yd. target. From any unsupported position, alternate targets at 160 and 220yds.

Possible high score of 64.

1John StonemanSpringfield M-1.30-0656
2Mac McAllisterJRA M-14.30852
3Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30848
4Justin AllredSpringfield M1A.30846
5Bill BrizzeeJRA BM-59.30844
6Jim DrulenskySpringfield M-1.30-0643 (108.25 secs)
7Steve WeissSpringfield M1A.30843 (110.82 secs)
8Walt RobakSpringfield M1A.30843 (142.00 secs)
9Dan HongSKS7.62×3938 (55.16 secs)
10Christopher GalbreathSpringfield M-1.30-0638 (131.29 secs)
11Dustin HalsteadSpringfield M1A.30835 (54.62 secs)
12Kyle ShalmyMAS Mle. 487.5×5435 (129.84 secs)
13Keith SmithSpringfield M1A.30835 (148.23 secs)
14Miguel QuintanillaSpringfield M-1.30-0634
15Rich DagueSpringfield M1A.30833
16Lou PanelliTokarev SVT-407.62x54R31 (108.58 secs)
17Dan NeelyFN FAL.30831 (149.71 secs)
18James DaigleSpringfield M-1.30-0629
19Tina LiangSpringfield M1A.30812


Sniper Match
1Jim DrulenskySpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0651 (145.39 secs)
2John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0651 (231.27 secs)
3Klaus ThomaSpringfield M1A.30849
4Mac McAllisterSpringfield M-1D.30-0646
5Steve FranksSpringfield M-1903.30-0642
6Dave NeelyRomanian PSL7.62x54R30


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