May Machine Gun Match

This was the ninth match of our season and were lucky again as far as the weather goes. It was sunny and cool for the whole match. Since it was Mothers Day we did a short two stage match to let everyone get home early. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly and we finished up by 11:00am.

  • The shooter started with a loaded Subgun and had to take out a series of partially obscured knockdown targets alternating between a dinger target.
  • He then moved to position two and took out an assortment of steel dingers.
  • The range was reset for the second run.
  • No team event was held this month.

Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos.

Next month will be a Subgun only match and will be the last match before the Summer break. We may start earlier because of the heat. I will send out a notification prior to the match. Date will be 6/10/18. See you then.

22 Class
Shooter Gun Time Place
Ben Post Cory 41.34 1st “A”
Irv Falkoff Buzzy 54.36
Joe white Zippy 70.16


Optic Class
Shooter Gun Time Place
Erol Welshones STEN 51.98 1st “A”
Ben Post MP5 54.083
Mikayla Nebel Beretta 12s 57.86 1st “B”
Patrick Enright UZI 68.64
Dave White Sterling 70.41 1st “C”
George McAlpine STEN 80.13
Jack Wylie UZI 81.67


Stock Class
Shooter Gun Time Place
Matt Adams UZI 53.27 1st “A”
Mikayla Nebel Beretta 38/44 67.37
Erol Welshones M16 78.29 1st “B”
Dave White MP40 80.37
Joe White MP5 80.68 1st “C”
George McAlpine STEN 98.04
Etsuo Morohoshi MP5 106.86


Unlimited Class
Shooter Gun Time Place
Mike Collander M11 41.09 1st “A”
Ben Post MP5 52.62
Irv Falkoff M16 53.48 1st “B”
Matt Adams MAX31 61.39
Tammy Collander M11 74.76 1st “C”
Joe White M10 83.26
David Mills M11 Lage 84.76
Gary Pfaff M10 DNF

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