May 2021 IDPA Match

Las Vegas IDPA May 9th Match Results


Thank you so much to our work crew, stage designers, and accounting staff for making these matches possible. We could not do this without you!

We had a beautiful day on the range today. Next month will be hot so bring plenty of sunscreen and water. I think with the way we are going to design our stages and bays next month we should be able to get out of there at a reasonable hour and avoid the heat.


Honorable mentions for today’s results go out to the following in order of placement:
Overall First Place Jim Tadlock
CO First Place Jim Tadlock
SSP First Place Chad Cunningham
ESP First Place Scott Valentine
CCP First Place Marc Koch
Rev First Place Harold Morrison
We will see you all next month!



Las Vegas IDPA

We shoot the 2nd Sunday of the month at DSRPC

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