VFS Benchrest April 2019 Match

A group of men at the VFS Benchrest Another day some mirage, but it didn't stop 11 shooter's from shooting 18 50's at 200yds and 34 50's at 100yds and one 250. No matches next month. Have a safe and Happy holidays. Next match 6/22/19.  Pictured below from left to right in the back row Lance Gifford,Wayne Christian, Dave Blazzard, John Ames, Pete Savage, Steve Weiss, Ron Carter and Don Carter. Front row left to right Ron Orton Dave Reymore. Don't forget the 22 RIMFIRE match.Howard BloomMatch Director
Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Ron Cater249-4x2nd249-20x2nd498-24x2nd
Howard Bloom243-3x4th245-17x9th488-20x5th
Don Carter246-6x3rd249-14x4th495-20x3rd
Pete Savage231-4x7th246-12x8th477-16x8th
Dave Reymore250-7x1st250-19x2nd500-26x1st
Dave Blazzard231-2x8th249-11x6th480-13x6th
John Ames206-0x10th249-14x5th455-14x10th
Ron Orton239-1x6th241-0x10th480-1x7th
Wayne Christian244-11x5th250-19x1st494-30x4th
Lance Gifford215-1x9th249-9x7th464-9x
Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Steve Weiss235-sax1st47-1x1st282-1x1st
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April 2019 ViMSAR Match

A bright day with light winds that freshened as the match progressed. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise noted.Prone supported on Stage One, alternating targets at 300 and 220yds.Engage a 400yd. target until hit twice to start Stage Two. All remaining rounds on a 175yd. target. No sight adjustment after the first shot. Sitting supported.Sweeping targets at 300, 225 and 300yds from sitting unsupported position on Stage Three.From standing position, engage a single 200yd. target on Stage Four. Snipers engaged a single 400yd. target from sitting supported position.The grenade pitch to start Stage Five, the tie breaker. Then six pistol rounds at a small 25yd. target. Engage targets at 125, 160 and 220yds. Nevada Sweep from any unsupported position. Two points for all hits on the far target.Possible high score of 61. 
1Christopher GalbreathH&R M-1.30-0643
2Dustin SherrickSpringfield M-1.30-0642
3Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30841
4Lou PanelliSpringfield M1A.30840 (79.55 secs)
5Justin AllredSpringfield M1A.30840 (94.03 secs)
6John StonemanSpringfield M-1.30-0640 (94.63 secs)
7Spencer WirigSpringfield M1A.30840 (121.11 secs)
8David SteinSpringfield M1A.30839
9Bill BrizzeeSpringfield Armory 4800 FAL.30837
10James DaigleSpringfield M-1.30-0636
11Jim DrulenskyLjungmanAG-42B6.5x5534 (96.14 secs)
12Marty BridgesSpringfield M-1.30-0634 (131.59 secs)
13Dan HongSKS7.62x3933
14Dale SherrickSpringfield M-1.30-0632
15Marshall WirigDSA FAL.30830
16Justin WirigSpringfield M1A.30-0628 (??? secs)
17Jim GreenSpringfield M-1.30-0628 (??? secs)
18Gary Pfaff???7.62x3925
19Keith SmithSpringfield M1A.30822
20Richard TreesSKS/td>7.62x3921
Sniper Match
1Charlie PittmanArgentinian Mauser M-98.30851
2Justin AllredSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0649
3Jim DrulenskySwedish Mauser M-386.5x5548
4Marty BridgesSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0647 (158.52 secs)
5John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0647 (159.94 secs)
6James DaigleSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0639
7Travis LindseyRomanian PSL7.62x54R36
8Dan HongPSL7.62x54R35
9Klaus ThomaMauser K-98.30833
10Steve FranksSpringfield ‘03-A1.30-0631
11Kevin SolanTabak7.62x3927
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April 2019 ViMBAR Match

A good turnout for this month’s match. Jim and Bill set up five ten round stages starting with:Rapid fire / slow fire on Stage One. From prone position, 25 seconds to fire five rounds at a 250yd. target. Reload, and 90 seconds to fire five rounds at a 300yd. target.Sweeping targets at 100, 200, 300 and 400yds. on Stage Two, from sitting supported position. Two points for all 400yd. hits.Alternating targets at 175 and 225 yds. on Stage Three. Sitting unsupported.Six pistol rounds at a 25yd. target to start Stage Four, and then alternate targets at 150 and 200yds. from standing position.The grenade pitch started the tie breaker, Stage Five. Then six pistol rounds at a 25yd. target. A Nevada Sweep with targets at 160, 220 and 125yds from any unsupported position, including a mandatory reload.Possible high score of 67.
1Marty BridgesSwedish Mauser M-386.5x5554
2Dan HongSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0652 (103.13 secs)
3Stephanie WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5552 (151.96 secs)
4Walt RobakMauser K-98.30851 (202.93 secs)
5Klaus Thoma??????51 (??? secs)
6James DaigleSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5550
7Bill BrizzeeSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5547 (136.82 secs)
8Jack MichnovezSwiss K-317.5x5547 (233.42 secs)
9John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0646 (153.49 secs)
10Bill HartySwedish Mauser M-966.5x5546 (168.46 secs)
11Charlie PittmanSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0645
12Jim DrulenskySwedish Mauser M-966.5x5544 (106.93 secs)
13Steve FranksKrag M-1898.30/40 Krag44 (147.29 secs)
14Bobby RamsayFinn Nagant M-397.62x54R43
15Justin AllredEnfield No.4.303 Brit41
16Travis LindseySpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0640
17Keith SmithRemington ‘03-A3.30-0639 (177.89 secs)
18Christopher GalbreathEnfield No.4.303 Brit39 (242.40 secs)
19Bruce HenryMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R35
20Lou PanelliYugo Mauser M-488x5734
21John DiIorioSwedish Mauser6.5x5532
22Wayne PerryMAS Mle. 367.5x5428
23Dan OmerzaRemington M-1917.30-0627
24Alan OlsonSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-06613
25Alec SheinfeldMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R7
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Machine Gun Match

This was the eighth match of our season. This was our annual Three Gun Match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and no wind. We had a large turnout so there was no team event. We did things a little differently this year having the shooter use the sub gun in both stages. The shooter started with a loaded Pistol and had to take out the Plate rack. He then picked up a staged loaded sub gun and while moving to another position took out a set of steel dingers and knockdowns before engaging the giant swinger. If a complete revolution was achieved a ten second bonus was deducted for your time. The range was reset for the second run using the shotgun and clay and knockdown targets before the sub gun sequence. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 5/12/19 and will be a Subgun only match. See you then.
Ben PostCory50.291st"A"
Joe WhiteZippy70.95
Dave WhiteAmy122.00
Mike VervilleM11DNF
Kaycee VervilleM11DNF
Ben PostMP555.351st“A”
Peter LandiM16 9mm55.35
Ketzu FloresBeretta 12S69.35
John Wylie Jr.UZI73.30
Shawn McClellandMP595.811st“B”
Gabe SiniscalS&W7695.89
Dave WhiteSterling105.57
John ZeichUZI110.931st“C”
George McAlpineSTEN134.56
Patrick EnrightUZI138.26
Al SiniscalS&W76410.00
Tom WrightUZIDNF
Ron ShimonS&W76DNF
Matt AdamsUZI64.351st“A”
Ketzu FloresMAB89.12
Richard JonesMP590.221st“B”
Dave WhiteMP40103.11
Joe WhiteMP5122.68
Gabe SiniscalM3A1196.921st“C”
Al SiniscalThompson472.30
George McAlpineStenDNF
Ron Shimon???DNF
Ben PostMP550.091st“A”
Mike VervilleM1160.66
Matt AdamsLage63.421st“B”
John ZeichLage66.86
Shawn McClellandMP591.54
Kaycee VervilleMP597.811st“C”
Omar LazoMax Lage122.20
Tom WrightM11DNF
Randy LovstuenM11DNF
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Thrifty Peoples Benchrest April 2019

It was a little cool and breezy, but a nice day for a match and almost every bench was full.  Thanks for coming out to shoot!

Welcome to new shooters Ron and Joe.

Congratulations to Wally and Mac for winning the relay #2 bonus, and to Andy for winning the pistol side match.

NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Ron C9419619202822
Jim G949109622812
Sharon D9729219102803
John S9438709202733
Steve W9249028802706
Jack L9128819102703
Al Walter8909727802642
Martha A9238108822615
English Andy9519206302501
Steve F8138106602283
Fred D6408407802260
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Sue L8608207712451
Iron Sights
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Mac M9619909512902
Jeff S8618008402501
17 HMR
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
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.22 Rimfire Benchrest Match – April 2019

We had perfect weather and a full house for the match this month. Thanks everyone for coming out to shoot. Welcome to new shooters Sue L and Doug W. We hope to see you again next month.Congratulations to Keith, Ken and Kevin for winning the relay #2 bonus.  And congratulations to Richard for winning the charger side match.(more…)
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