March 2019 ViMBAR Match

Cool and bright for this month’s match. Jim and Bill set up five stages, all ten rounds.

A different spin on the hostage scenario on Stage One. First, hit the hostage for no point before engaging the bad guy. Targets at 275yds. Prone supported position.

A Nevada Sweep on Stage Two, with targets at 200, 400 and 300yds. Sitting supported. Two points for all hits on the farthest target.

Targets at 150 and 200yds. on Stage Three, with a ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario. Sitting unsupported.

Stage Four started with six pistol rounds at a large 35yd. target. Then from standing position, ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ with targets at 150 and 200yds.

Stage Five, the tie breaker, started with the grenade pitch and six pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. Engage targets at 160, 220 and 100yds. with a Nevada Sweep from any unsupported position.

Possible high score of 69.

1James DaigleSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5556
2Bill Brizzee/td>Swedish Mauser M-966.5x5552 (135.17 secs)
3John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0652 (150.18 secs)
4Walt RobakMauser K-98.30852 (173.28 secs)
5Stephanie WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5549
6Steve FranksSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5548 (104.19 secs)
7Lou PanelliSwiss K-317.5x5548 (141.54 secs)
8Dan HongSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0646
9Klaus ThomaMauser8mm-‘0643 (154.26 secs)
10Bill HartySwedish Mauser M-966.5x5543 (182.29 secs)
11Christopher GalbreathEnfield No.4.303 Brit42
12Charlie PittmanSteyr Gewehr ‘98.30841
13Travis LindseySpringfield M-1.30-0638 (117.93 secs)
14Jim GreenSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0638 (180.89 secs)
15Steve WeissSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0635
16English AndyYugo Mauser Mod.988x5734
17Joe BallSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0632
18Bruce HenryEnfield No.4.303 Brit28
19Thomas BordersEnfield No.4.303 Brit26
20Richard TreesArisaka6.5x5024
21Zeta StricklandSwedish Mauser6.5x5523 (173.56 secs)
22JoshSwedish Mauser6.5x5523 (220.79 secs)
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Machine Gun Match

This was the seventh  match of our season and the weather was very nice. It was cloudy and overcast but there was no wind or rain so we go lucky. This was our annual Belt Fed Bowling Pin Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly. There were three main classes for this match. Belt Fed, Assault Rifle and Subgun. The match was very simple. Take out 20 bowling pins in the fastest possible time. Matt Babb won the Belt Fed class with his beautiful M240. In the Subgun class the times were very close with about one half of a second separating  the first 4 shooters. Wow. A Mad Minute event followed the main match which was great fun. Don’t forget to check out and register on our new website at for updates and photos. Some great video and photos were taken and I hope they are posted. Next month will be a THREE GUN match. You will need a Center fire pistol, a Shotgun with bird shot ONLY and a Subgun. Date will be  4/14/19. Setup at 0800 and Registration ends at 0845 with the match starting at 0900. See you then.
Ben PostCory12.401st"A"
Mike VervilleLage M11 .2235.00
Kaycee VervilleLage M11 .2253.29
Tom WrightM11 Lage15.041st“A”
Matt AdamsM11 Lage15.56
Shawn McClellandMP515.63
Ben PostMP515.861st"B"
Peter LandiM16 9mm42.44
Patrick EnrightMP5K22.13
Dave WhiteM3A127.69
Omar LazoM11 Lage28.60
Robin LancasterMP4033.901st“C”
Mike VervilleM11 Lage42.57
Dan HongUZI47.32
Kaycee VirvilleM11 Lage73.33
Andy WadeM1624.431st“A”
Tom WrightM1628.66
Patrick EnrightM1634.93
Mike VervilleAC55638.151st"B"
Bill BrizzeeM446.60
Shawn McCellandHK9350.96
Joe WhiteAUG51.701st“C”
Matt BabbRPD55.13
Dave WhiteM260.06
Matt BabbM240B21.361st“A”
Matt AdamsValkyrie23.21
Dan Hong191927.17
Ben PostShrike27.33
Joe White191932.631st“B"
Bill Brizzee191947.15
John Wylie Jr.MG0846.53
Andy Wade191947.15
Ted AptorM6049.261st"C"
Dave WhiteBAR83.39
Jack Wylie Sr.MG0885.28
Robin LancasterMG3485.70
Mike DukeBrowning221.1
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.22 Rimfire Benchrest Match – March 2019

Keith won the 2018 trophy for factory class

We had a great turn out, and wonderful weather, for the March match.

We were able to present Keith with his trophy for top shooter in factory class in 2018.  Nice shooting Keith.

Welcome to new shooters Jess, Mark, and Peter C.  We hope to see you back in April.

Congratulations to Georgi adn Dave for winning the relay #2 bonus, and to John and Jack for winning the relay #3 bonus.

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VFS Benchrest February 2019 Match

Steve Weiss, Pete Savage, Howard Bloom ( Match director), Ron Orton and Wayne Christian at the February 2019 VFS Benchrest Match Joel Nader, Steve Weiss, Pete Savage, Ron Orton, and Wayne Christian at the February 2019 VFS Benchrest Match
32° and 4 braves souls came out to play, two shooters guns stopped working so we were down to 3 at the end of the day. It was a battle between Joel and Wayne 100yds they both had 250, Wayne had 21x's and Joel had 18x's, at 200 they were tied till the 4th target and Wayne dropped 1 point and at the end Joel took, but good shooting by both of them. Next VFS is 3/10/19 setup 7, start 9 Range 6, Picture 0594 from left to right Steve Weiss, Pete Savage, Howard Bloom ( Match director), Ron Orton and Wayne christian, Picture o593 From left to right Joel Nader, Steve Weiss, Pete Savage, Ron Orton, and Wayne Christian. Don't forget the 22 Rimfire match same setup and start as the VFS match.HowardMatch Director
Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Joel Nader250-18x2nd250-10x 1st500-28x1st
Wayne Christian250-21x1st249-8x2nd499--29x2nd
Name100ydsPlace 200ydsPlaceGrand Agg Place
Steve Weiss226-0x1st217-0x1st443-0x1st
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Hunter Benchrest Match 2-24-19

Well yesterday was 32° but today it warmed to 34°a heat wave, and again Dave was the man to beat. Next Hunter match is 3/24/19, setup 7  start 9 and the 22 Rim Fire same time, range 6


Match Director

Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Trees210-1x4th 227-1x4th437-2x4th
Ron Orton 240-6x3rd239-10x3rd479-16x3rd
Pete Savage248-9x2nd240-3x2nd488-12x2nd
Dave Reymore250-12x1st248-7x1st498-19x1st
22 Rimfire
Name100ydsPlace50ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Lee Shimabkuro 230-6x1st245-10x1st475-'6x1st
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February 2019 ViMSAR Match

A small but hardy group for this month’s match. Cold but bright with light winds. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated.

A hostage scenario on Stage One. Engaging a single 300yd. target from prone supported position. Minus one point for hitting the hostage.

Alternate targets at 400 and 150yds. on Stage Two from sitting supported position. No sight adjustment after the first shot.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, sweeping targets at 300, 250 and 200yds. One round on each and repeat.

‘Shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ on Stage Four, from standing position. Targets at 225 and 175yds. Snipers could use any unsupported position.

The grenade pitch to start the tie breaker, Stage Five. Followed by six pistol rounds at a small 20yd. target. Then a Nevada Sweep from any unsupported position. Targets at 220, 160 and 140yds.

Possible high score of 59.


1Marty BridgesSpringfield M1A.30848
2Dan HongSKS7.62x3946 (63.42 secs)
3Mac McAllisterJRA Winchester M14.30846 (89.36 secs)
4Joe BrennanSKS7.62x3940
5Jim DrulenskyLuxenbourg FN-49.30-0639 (100.11 secs)
6Dustin SherrickSpringfield M-1.30-0639 (118.48 secs)
7Steve WeissSpringfield M1A.30836 (69.44 secs)
8Bill BrizzeeJRA BM-59.30836 (85.06 secs)
9John StonemanSpringfield M-1.30-0636 (120.94 secs)
10James DaigleSpringfield M-1.30-0635
11English AndySpringfield M1A.30834 (80.91 secs)
12Walt RobakSpringfield M1A.30834 (121.90 secs)
13Travis LindseySpringfield M-1.30-0633
14Alex FortalezaSpringfield M1A.30828 (110.38 secs)
15Mike CorbettSpringfield M1A.30828 (129.45 secs)
16 Richard KolkoskiSpringfield M1A.30818
17Wayne PerrySKS7.62x3914


Sniper Match
1Marty BridgesSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0650
2John Stoneman-Springfield ‘03-A4.30-0645
3Mac McAllisterSpringfield M1A.30844
4Jim DrulenskySpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0641 (115.72 secs)
5James DaigleSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0641 (197.90 secs)
6Mike CorbettSpringfield M1A.30839
7Alex FortalezaSpringfield M1A.30834
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