January ViMSAR Match

Cold but bright with light winds for this month's match. A great response to our special AR-15 event, with more shooters for that than the main match. Five stages, all ten rounds. All shooters shot the same course of fire. The tie breaker, Stage One, started with the grenade pitch and six pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. Kneeling behind a barricade, sweep targets at 300, 150, 200 and 300yds. One round each and repeat. Prone supported on Stage Two, engaging targets at 300 and 220yds. Engage until hit twice, move, and engage until missed once. Repeat. Alternating targets at 400 and 200yds on Stage Three from sitting supported position. Sitting unsupported on Stage Four, engaging targets at 300, 150 and 200yds, Nevada Sweep. Hit twice and move on Stage Five, with targets at 200 and 140yds. Standing position. Possible high score of 59.      
1Lou PanelliSpringfield M1.30-0641
2John StonemanSpringfield M1.30-0638
3Mac McAllisterUS Navy Mk.2 Mod.1.30834
4English AndySpringfield M1.30-0631 (90.67 secs)
5Gary PfaffSpringfield M1A.30831 (148.73 secs)
6Dave NeelySpringfield M1A.30831 (154.51 secs)
7J. C. LopezSpringfield M1A.30825
8Ken NealAR-10.30823 (110.49 secs)
Travis LindseyLjungman AG-42B6.5x5523 (128.78 secs)

AR-15 Match

1Mac McAllister49
2Dave Neely43
3Jon Zimmer42 (91.26 secs)
4Bill Brizzee42 (91.51 secs)
5Charlie Pittman42 (102.10 secs)
6Joe Brennan42 (127.19 secs)
7English Andy41
8Dan H39 (81.07 secs)
9Lou Panelli39 (91.97 secs)
10Tony Dee37 (113.96 secs)
11J.C. Lopez37 (124.94 secs)
12Ken Neal35
13Kurt Zimmer34
14Luca Barbieri33
15Sanuel Binsley32 (147.87 secs)
16Klaus Thoma32 (??? secs)
17Dustin Halstead30
18Steve Franks29 (121.40 secs) (DNF)
19Adam Theis29 (140.42 secs)
20Richard Kolkoski28
21Lewis Hafley27 (89.05 secs)
22Bryant Day27 (106.26 secs)
23Steve Weiss26  (DNF)
24Nicholas Stressy23 (95.46 secs)
25Richard Pugh23 (149.20 secs)
26Stephanie Weiss22
27Jared Theis21
28Chris Stressy20
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Well, it was another cold one and many thanks to the brave shooters that showed up for the match.  We had some new shooters and from their comments we will be seeing them in the future.  Looks like we are adding a new rifle category, Air Rifle.  I believe this is an up and coming niche and will grow with time.  Welcome Air Rifle shooters!!  Hope to see you all again on February 18, 2023 – the 3rd Saturday of the month as usual.
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Linnis C42129
Isabella T456217
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Dave J860014
John B12047
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Doug W00101
Mike S41117
Ron O444416
Jim C888327
Mike S566724
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Hugh T828119
Doug R00819
Robbie H838019
Juan C10203
Mark L14027
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Tommy H831012
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January ViMBAR Match

 Cool and Bright for this month's match. Jim and Bill set up five stages, all ten rounds.

Stage One, the tie breaker, started with the grenade pitch and six pistol rounds at a large 25yd. target. Then from any unsupported position, sweep targets at 150, 200 and 300yds. One round each and repeat. Alternating targets at 200 and 300yds on Stage Two from prone supported position. Sitting supported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 100, 200 and 300yds. Must hit each twice. All remaining rounds on a 400yd. target. No sight adjustment after the first round. A Nevada Sweep on Stage Four, engaging targets at 150, 200 and 175 yds. Sitting unsupported. Six pistol rounds at a large 30yd. target to start Stage Five. From standing position, alternate targets at 150 and 200yds. Possible high score of 65.        
Regular Rifle Match
1Luca BarbieriSwiss K-317.5x5549 (163.19 secs)
2Dave NeelySpringfielde '03-A3.30-0649 (185.00 secs)
3Joe BrennanYugo Mauser M-488x5749 (244.81 secs)
4Bill BrizzeeSwedish Mauser M-386.5x5547 (131.44 secs)
5Jim DrulenskySwedish Mauser M-966.5x5547 (147.69 secs)
6James DaigleMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R45
7Lou PanelliSpringfield '03-A3.30-0643
8Travis LindseyArgentinian Mauser M-19097.65x5341
9Stephanie WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5540
10J.C. LopezSpringfield '03-A3.30-0638
11Rio KijitaniSwedish Mauser M-38-6.5x5537 (105.09secs)
12Bryant DaySwedish Mauser M-966.5x5537 (238.92 secs)
13English AndyMauser K-988x5735 (137.41 secs)
14Coley FarrSpringfield '03-A43.30-0635 (216.09 secs)
15Richard KolkoskiSwedish Mauser M-966.5x5527
16Javid FarrMauser K-988x5721
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DSRPC NRL22 January 2023 Match

January 2023 Medal Winners   The January DSRPC NRL22 match was on 1/14/2023, a cold and windy day for a match. Congratulations to all the medal winners. The full results are on Practiscore.
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Machine Gun Match January 2023

MACHINE GUN MATCH                   1/08/23               TONY DEE   This was the forth  match of our new season and  the weather was great. We got lucky this month.  This was a Subgun only Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly. The shooter started in a box and had to engage a set of targets set up like a Steel Challenge stage twice. The shooter then moved to another position  and engaged another set of similar targets twice.  Shooter then moved to another position and repeated the scenario again  It was a simple match that required movement. The course was reset for the second run. Next months match will be our annual St. Valentines day match with a special class for any Thompson Subgun. Dust off those choppers and have some fun. Match will be on 02/12/23.  Setup at 0800 and Registration ends at 0845 with the match starting at 0900. See you then.
Ben PostAM18053.481stA
Richard JonesRattler68.83
Mike VervilleAM180DNF
John Wylie Jr.Uzi60.651stA
Patrick EnrightM16 5.770.73
Peter LandiM16 9mm73.55
Ben PostMP577.121stB
Mike VervilleMP577.66
Dave WhiteSterling81.44
Lee ChavezUZI88.431stC
Eddie ChoBeretta 12s91.95
John TeihenBeretta 12s110.46
Jack Wylie Sr.UZI116.79
Gary PfaffUZI157.19
Dave WhiteMP4082.861stA
Richard JonesMP587.52
Jason NorrisMP595.031stB
Peter LandiSterling103.73
Robin LancasterLanchester139.911stC
Ben PostMP551.571stA
Mike CollanderM1159.93
Mike VervilleMP566.911stB
Robin LancasterMP4585.40
Richard JonesUZI106.571stC
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December ViMSAR Match

A cold morning for this month's match, with very light winds. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated. A shooter's choice on Stage One, the tie breaker. First the grenade pitch and then three pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. Then either three more on the same target or move to a smaller one, two points per hit. From any unsupported position, engage targets at 100, 150 and 200yds, three, three and four rounds each. Snipers alternated two 300yd. targets. Prone supported on Stage Two. engaging a medium 300yd. target until hit twice. All remaining rounds on a small 200yd. target. Sitting supported on Stage Three, engaging  targets at 400 and 300yds.until hit once and move. All remaining rounds on a small 200yd. target. A Nevada Sweep on Stage Four, with targets at 300, 150 and 200yds. Sitting unsupported. Alternate targets at 200 and 120yds on Stage Five, from standing position. Snipers had to engage two 300yd. targets, five rounds each. Possible high score of 62.      
1Mac McAllisterRussian SKS7.62x3940
2Lou PanelliSpringfield M1.30-0639
3English AndyAlbanian SKS7.62x3936
4Rio KijitaniSpringfield M1.30-0627
5Travis LindseyNorinco SKS7.62x3923
6Keith SmithRussian SKS7.62x3921
7Dale SherrickZastava AK-477.62x3919
8Howard ZederSpringfield M1A.30810

Sniper Match

1Charlie PittmanMauser 98k.30852
2 Klaus ThomaSpringfield '03-A3.30837
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