International Handgun Metallic Silhoutte Smallbore May 2020 Match

Well it was a nice day to shoot, but the wind started to pick up about 9 am. That is when you need to know your hold offs. Congratulations to Debi Wright on her first 40 in Unlimited Any Sight Smallbore, and John Nagazyna on his first 40 in Practical Hunter. We hope to see you all next month on June 28, 2020 start time 0700 until we shoot all Pistols, John J. Nagazyna
Field Pistol
NameClassHandgun MakerCaliberScore
John NagazynaP-AAAS&W Rev357 Mag16
Wally PinjuvP-AAAFreedom Arms Rev41 Mag13
Joe KennedyPAS-INTThompson Center032 MAG35
John NagazynaPH-AAAThompson Center22 Hornet40
NameClassHandgun MakerCaliberScore
Paul HabigUAS-INTAnschutz22LR40
Debi WrightUAS-AAABrowning22LR40
John NagazynaUAS-AAThompson Center22LR33
Paul HabigS-INTBF22LR29
Paul HabigR-INTFreedom Arms Rev22LR39
Paul HabigUASFS-INTAnschutz22LR40
Paul HabigU-INTAnschutz22LR40
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International Handgun Metallic Silhoutte May 2020 Match

Well it was a nice day to shoot but only 3 shooters today. Old Time Big Bore Shooter Wally Pinjuv came out and shot his Freedom Arms 41Mag revolver with old ammo and no sight setting for his new pistol. He didn’t do too bad standing We hope to see you all next month on June 21, 2020 start time 0700 until we shoot all Pistols, John J. Nagazyna
NameClassHandgun MakerCaliberScore
Joe KennedyUAS-INTTC7TCU33
John NagazynaUAS-AATC7TCU32
John NagazynaU-BXP-1007mm BR18
Wally PinjuvS-UNCFA Rev41 Mag17
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DSRPC NRL22 May 2020 Match

Participants at the DSRPC NRL22 match in May 20205/23/2020 was a nice day to shoot, if you like shooting in gusting winds. Congratulations to Simon, Michael, Jack, Ryland, Mac, Sonja, and Stephanie on your medals.
First NameLast NameNRL22 #DivisionNRL 1NRL 2NRL 3NRL 4NRL 5TotalRank
JosephPark Jr662Open38506050702684
RylandShih571Young Guns40907010502601
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Thrifty Peoples Benchrest May 2020

The weather was perfect for our return to the Thrifty Benchrest match.  Thanks to everyone who came out to join us. Congratulations to Mac, Sharron, and Jack L for winning the relay #2 bonus.  And Congratulations to Andy for winning the pistol side match.
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Al Walter9839939822958
Steve W9329409812853
Sharon D9419229702833
English Andy9329329322796
Fred D9117909002601
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Steve W8709209412731
Jack L8819118802672
Jack D8007818402421
English Andrew3609409412241
Iron sights
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Mac M9539549222829
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Groundhog Benchrest May 2020 Match

HI I hope you are doing well. We have started a few matches again so here are the May scores for the Groundhog match to post. thanks and stay safe. Steve Weiss  
NameyardsRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Relay 5TotalyardsRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Relay 5TotalGrand Agg
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NRA Lever Action Silhouette May 2020 Match

Hello Shooters, It was a nice day for shooting. The wind picked up a bit and cooled off the heat, but we all had fun. Wally Pinjuv was the High shooter for the day with a new rifle, ammo for another 32-20, and had no zeros for this match. Congrats Wally!!! We how to see you all next month on June 14, 2020. Range set-up is 0800 and the match starts at 0900. The Set-up and start time may change due to the heat. We will send you all an email the week before the match. Please try to bring a new shooter to the next match. Thank you, John Nagazyna
NRA Lever Action Smallbore Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
John NagazynaMarlin 39A22LR686828
Stephanie WeissHenry22LR486624
Cathy DeuelHenry22LR645217
NRA Lever Action Pistol Caliber Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
Wally PinjuvWin32-20799530
John NagazynaWin 7644-40795425
Jack DeuelHenry22mag572620
NRA Lever Action Big Bore Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
Debi WrightWin 9430-30874322
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