March Machine Gun Match

>This was the seventh match of our season and our luck ran out as far as the weather. It was cloudy and overcast at the start of the match, and then the rain started. We got wet, but then the showers stopped and we carried on.

This was our annual Belt Fed Bowling Pin Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly. There were three main classes for this match. Belt Fed, Assault Rifle and Subgun. The match was very simple. Take out 25 bowling pins in the fastest possible time.

Don’t forget to check out and register on our new website at for updates and photos. Some great video and photos were taken and I hope they are posted.

Next month will be a THREE GUN match. You will need a Center fire pistol, a Shotgun with bird shot ONLY and a Subgun. Date will be 4/8/18. Setup at 0800 and the match will start at 0900. See you then.


22 Class

Ben Post Cory 15.63 1st “A”
Irv Falkoff Buzzy 18.50
Richard Jones UZI 30.61

Subgun Class

Ben Post MP5 19.19 1st “A”
Irv Falkoff MP5 39.48
Shawn McClelland MP5 43.69
Mike Duke UZI 61.18
Joe Nicola M11 66.00 1st “B”
Mike Collander KP44 68.56
Randy Lovstven M11 92.69
Andy Wade M16 9mm 97.35
Tom Wright Max 31 97.64
Patrick Enright MP5K 100.76 1st “C”
George McAlpine STEN 103.70
Robin Lancaster MP40 104.90
Dave White M3A1 107.03
Mikayla Nebel MP5 121.50
Keith Waters MP40 143.00

Assault Rifle Class

Tom Wright M16 30.87 1ST “A”
Patrick Enright M16 58.15
Joe White Shrike 76.75
Randy Lovstven M16 80.06 1st “B”
Joe Nicola M16 99.11
Jr. Wylie M16 129.99
Bill Brizzee M4 138.63 1st “C”
Shawn McCelland HK93 146.70
Erol Welshones M16 180.02
Carl Verhaeghe M16 190.17
Richard Jones HK 63K DNF

Belt Fed Class

Etsuo Morohoshi HK21 47.38 1st “A”
Dillon Wylie MG 08/15 60.81
Robin Lancaster MG34 64.41
Ben Post M249 66.01
Mikayla Nebel M249 68.56 1st “B”
Matt Adams Valkyrie 71.36
John Wylie Jr. MG08 73.48
Dave White ZB26 88.53
Joe White M60 88.79
Bill Brizzee 1919 92.80 1st “C”
Scott Rockwell 1919A4 112.50
George McAlpine ZB26 138.20
Irv Falkoff Shrike 162.50
Erol Welshones ZB26 192.70
Andy Wade 1919 194.00
Keith Waters MG34 245.40

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