Machine Gun Match

Machine Gun Match

When, Where And Cost

  • The matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month except in July, and August.
  • The safety briefing and COF walk through is held promptly at 9:00AM with live fire immediately following.
  • A shooter may enter a Maximum of two classes for any given match.
  • Cost per gun is $10.00
  • Only one gun per class is allowed and correct change is appreciated.

Firearm Requirements

A lawfully possessed, full auto gun is required, no semi autos are allowed. We presently have four separate subgun classes; Optic, Stock, Unlimited and .22 rimfire. The .22LR class was created as a fun diversion and we make no distinction between optics, irons, or magazine size in the .22LR class.

Most matches require a pistol caliber Subgun, but full auto, rifle caliber assault weapons and crew served guns are occasionally used in addition to submachine guns. We incorporate a shotgun, handgun, or both into the monthly match several times each year.

Stock Class: The gun will be a factory stock Machinegun with iron sights. There can be NO modifications to the gun at all. ( No extended mag releases or oversize cocking levers.) Suppressors however will be allowed for medicinal purposes. Also you must use FACTORY capacity magazines. The mags can only be loaded with a maximum of 30 rounds.

Optic class: The gun will be a basic stock Subgun that has Optic sights. Other minor modifications to the enhancement of the gun will also be allowed. (Rails. Front Pistol Grip. Extended Mag releases.) The Optic class guns can use any magazine but they also can be loaded with a maximum of 30 rounds.

Unlimited Class: This will be any legal Subgun with any modification that you wish. This will include the Lage uppers and Pistol caliber belt fed guns fired from the shoulder. Any magazine can be used and you will not be restricted to capacity. You will not be restricted to reloads during the course of fire.

22 Class: This class with be any .22 Cal rimfire Subgun with any magazine capacity and sights.

If you have any questions as to the legality of the gun for a specific class the final decision will be made by the match directors.
These new rule changes will give the shooter with one gun more options to enter different classes.

Magazine And Ammo Requirements

Magazine requirements vary from match to match. Some matches have no mandatory magazine changes between shooting positions, so drums and ultra high capacity mags are allowed but in Stock and Optic class you will be restricted to 30 rounds. Other months we’ll have mandatory magazine changes so you’ll need three or more mags. Please check the match announcements so you know what to expect each month. A pouch or other method to carry your magazines or drums is recommended although a couple of stick mags stuffed in your back pocket will suffice.

Depending on your shooting skills, three or four magazines is usually enough. The use of armor piercing, steel core, or tracer ammunition is prohibited as is 7.62x25mm. Two hundred rounds of ammo is usually enough ammo for a match but the ROF of your particular gun, your skills and shooting style will dictate how much you actually need. Having more ammo than you think you’ll need is always better as there are no provisions to purchase ammo on site. Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Shooting The Match, Targets And Scoring

Everyone will shoot the same COF, (Course Of Fire), then we reset the bay for the 2nd run. After completing the two timed COFs, we reset the targets once more for the team event. Teams are drawn at random and usually consist of two people, but will occasionally have three or more shooters per team. Participation in the team event doesn’t cost extra, is not required, but is always fun.

Targets may consist of steel poppers, paper, Texas star, plate racks and bowling pins. You may only see one, or you may see all used in the same match. Poppers, pins, and plates must fall to be considered neutralized. A prescribed number of hits are required on paper.

Scores are a combined time of the two stages with additional time added for failure to neutralize or for hits on any no shot target or hostage. Fastest time wins. The Lewis scoring system is used and shooters are automatically ranked according to their times.
A team event usually follows the main match if time allows. Teams are drawn at random and there is no added cost to participate.

Misc. Information

  • A portable chair, bottled water, snacks, and perhaps an E-Z Up will make your experience more enjoyable. No food, drinks, or ammunition is available for sale at the club, so plan accordingly.
  • Due to the extreme desert heat, there are no matches held in July and August.
  • No loaded weapons are allowed behind the line until the Range Safety Officer instructs the shooter to load and make ready.