This was the first match of our new season. I hope everyone had a good Summer. It looks like Summer is still with us as it was sunny and hot for the whole match. We started an hour early to beat the heat. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly and we finished up by 10:30am. The shooter started with a loaded Subgun and had to take out a series of knockdown targets after engaging two dinger targets. He then moved to position two and took out another assortment of steel targets again after engaging two dingers. He then moved to a third position and engaged another set of targets. The range was reset for the second run. A team event was held after the main match. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. I will send out a notification prior to next months match. Date will be 10/14/18. See you then.



Irv Falkoff Buzz Buzzy 46.69 1st “A”
Dave White Amy 62.13
Ben Post Cory Jam A Matic


Ben Post MP5 45.76 1st “A”
John Wylie Jr. UZI 46.75
Mikayla Nebel Beretta 12s  52.82
Dave White Sterling 54.77 1st “B”
Patrick Enright UZI 55.10
Lee Chavez MP5 66.71
Joe White MAC 10 75.97 1st


Gary Pfaff UZI 77.25
Jack Wylie UZI 97.17


Mikayla Nebel Beretta 12s 57.78 1st “A”
Dave White MP40 60.81
Joe White MP5 91.20


Ben Post MP5 34.56 1st “A”
Irv Falkoff M16 9mm 41.55
Omar Lazo Max Lage 57.88
Patrick Enright MP5K 59.01 1st “B”
Bill Waller MAX 31 64.15
David Mills M11 Lage 70.59




1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
8.21 8.33 9.62 11.16 12.03
Ben Mikayla Omar Tony Dave W.
Patrick Lee Bill W. Joe W. Dave M.


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