Machine Gun Match

This was the fifth match of our new season. We are still under restrictions from the Kung Flu Virus and were required to follow all the protocols required by our Esteemed Governor. We did get lucky with the weather this month. It was cool and slightly overcast but no wind so it could have been worse. We had a good turnout despite the restrictions, cold weather and severe ammo shortage. The match was a 2 stage Subgun match with the shooter starting with the three paper and one steel target. The shooter moved to the second stage and engaged an array of steel targets in a specific order and finished with a stop plate. The course of fire was modified for the second run. The match moved quickly, and we finished early. A team event followed the main event and it seemed that youth triumphed over age and experience. Nice shooting boys. Next month will be our annual St Valentine’s  Day match. We will have a special class for Thompsons so dust off those choppers and have some fun. The match will be on 02/14/21.

Dylan WylieLJ51.581st“A”
Richard JonesCory52.32


John WylieUZI51.451st“A”
Dylan WylieUZI58.75
Jack WylieUZI83.231st“B”
Lee ChavezMP593.78
Gary PfaffUZI104.02


Richard JonesMP575.551st“A”
Peter LandiMP578.05
Mike CollanderKP4484.331st“B”
Etsuo MorohoshiMP5123.19


Omar LazoM11 Lage67.951st“A”
Peter LandiM16 9mmDNF


1st PlacePeteDylan9.24
2nd PlaceOmarGary11.39
3rd PlaceLeeRichard13.27
4th PlaceEtsuoTony13.54
5th PlaceKayceeMike14.15


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