Machine Gun Match

This was the ninth  match of our season.  This was a Sub Gun only match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and no wind. We had a small turnout because of Mothers Day so we also had a team event.  We did things a little differently this match as we did not have a target setter so we used all dinger targets. This moved the match along very quickly. It was a three stage match with the shooter taking out steel targets and a stop plate at all three stages. A team event followed the main match with Myself and Pat O’Connor taking the ribbons.   Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 6/9/19 and will be a Subgun only match and will be the final match of the season. We may start early because of the heat. I will send out a reminder before the match. Be sure and vote in the club election.  Ballots are in the mail.  See you all in June.

Ben PostCory41.311st“A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy41.73
Dave WhiteAmyDNF


Ben PostMP537.811st“A”
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm46.89
Peter LandiM16 9mm48.111st“B”
Shawn McClellandMP553.67
Dave WhiteSterling57.781st“C”
Jack WylieUZI62.83
Gary PfaffM11118.39


Gabe SiniscalSterling57.791st“A”
Dave WhiteMP4069.69
Robin LancasterMP4574.501st“B”
Robin LancasterLanchester79.42
Mack MacallisterMP4086.541st“C”
Al SiniscalSterling234.40
English AndySterlingDNF
English AndyM16 9DNF


Ben PostMP534.721st“A”
Mike VervilleM1140.83
Mack MacallisterM1147.31
Irv FalkoffM16 950.37
Pat O’ConnerM1055.78
Omar LazoMax Lage60.71
Shawn McClellandMP571.12


Team Event

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