Machine Gun Match

This was the sixth match of the season. This was our annual St. Valentine’s day Thompson and  Subgun match. Our luck with the weather ran out this month. It was the most miserable day we have ever had that I can remember for a match.  The wind was icy cold and very strong. It was blowing off the snow covered mountains and was hitting us right in our faces.  We did one run and then took a vote to call it a day and went home.   There was a special class included for all Thompsons . At the first stage the shooter started with a loaded Subgun and took out an array of heart shaped paper and steel targets. The shooter then moved to position 2 and had to shoot more steel targets and the giant swinger. If the shooter got a full revolution it was a ten second bonus. The shooter then moved to position 3 and  then shot another steel array in the shape of a heart.  You reloaded as necessary.  I want to thank everyone who gives us a hand with setup and teardown. Next month will be our annual belt fed bowling pin match. There will be 3 classes. Belt Fed, Full Auto Assault Rifles and Subguns. There will be NO MAGAZINE Restrictions so Drums are OK. All Sights are OK. No Restrictions.  Date will be 03/10/19  at 0900. Setup at 0800. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. Jr. also set up a FaceBook page for us, so you can check that out also. It is a private group so contact Ben Post or Jr. to get signed up.

Ben PostCory17.231st“A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy33.77
Joe WhiteZippy35.57


Ben Post MP526.461st“A”
Shawn McClellandMP527.21
John ZeichUZI28.211st“B”
Tom WrightUZI28.39
Peter LandiM16 9mm42.44
Tom MillerMP5K47.25


Matt AdamsUZI40.751st“A”
Joe WhiteMP541.89
Dave WhiteMP4045.80


Matt AdamsLage17.271st“A”
Ben PostMP518.84
Shawn McClellandMP522.28
Robin LancasterThompson 2823.331st“B”
Tom WrightM31A32.70
Mike VervilleMax Lage34.00
John ZeichMax 31A41.11
Omar LazoMax Lage43.321st“C”
Kaycee VervilleLage53.91
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm56.51
Tim EastMP568.50


Robin Lancaster Thompson 2823.791st“A”
Dave WhiteM1A138.70
John Wylie Jr.Thompson 2839.001st“B”
Joe WhiteThompson 2841.71
Jack WylieThompson 2883.10

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