Machine Gun Match

This was the fourth match of our new season.  This was a Subgun Only Match. We got lucky with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and no wind. We had a large turnout so there was no team event. The shooter started with a loaded Subgun and had to take out a set of dinger targets in a color coded order. He then moved to another position and took out a  Christmas Tree shaped set of knockdowns with a designated stop plate. The range was not reset for the second run but a different shooting sequence was required on the first stage. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be  1/13/19. See you then.

Irv FalkoffBuzzy39.581st“A”
Ben PostCory42.50
Dave WhiteAmy74.581st“B”
Joe WhiteZippy78.74


John Wylie Jr.UZI50.711st“A”
Ben PostMP555.22
Dave WhiteSterling61.48
Dave WhiteSterling61.48
Tom WrightUZI63.52
Bernard PoonMP564.281st“B”
Carlos VianaMP565.48
Mikayla NebelBeretta 12S67.34
Irv FalkoffMP573.18
Patrick EnrightUZI73.29
Peter LandiM16 9mm74.691st“C”
Jack WylieUZI79.55
Tim EastMP597.33
Shawn McClellandMP598.91
George McAlpineSten109.48
Alice XiaoMP5K202.58


Matt AdamsUZI49.471st“A”
Mikayla NebelBeretta  38A62.35
Dave WhiteMP4072.251st“B”
Robin LancasterThompson 2877.69
Joe WhiteMP591.981st“C”
Tom MillerMP597.86
George McAlpineSten118.44


Ben PostMP535.611st“A”
Matt AdamsLage40.03
Irv FalkoffMP549.30
Carlos VianaMP551.731st“B”
Robin LancasterThompson 2863.51
Tom WrightM1177.54
Patrick EnrightMP5K80.431st“C”
Joe WhiteMax Lage87.60
Bill WallerMAX 3190.33
Omar LazoMax Lage91.46
Tim EastMP5DNF

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