Know Your Limits (KYL) .22 Rimfire Rifle

Know Your Limits (KYL) .22 Rimfire Rifle

MATCH DIRECTORS: Randy Rogers, Leonard Turnbull

Targets are 8 swinging steel targets at 50 yards, ranging in size from 2” diameter to ¼” diameter in ¼” increments.  You have 8 rounds MAXIMUM to score as many hits as possible

Targets must be shot in order of largest to smallest.  Targets must visibly “swing” to be counted as a hit (Match Director’s decision is final).  If a target is shot at and missed, you lose all points accumulated to that point.  If a target is shot out of order, you lose all points accumulated to that point.  Shooter may stop at any time and record all points scored to that point.  If time runs out prior to a miss or completion of all 8 shots the shooter records all points accumulated to that point.  If, while shooting the rack, the shooter misses a target but still has any number of the allowed 8 rounds left, they may return to the first target and begin the process over.

  • A match consists of 4 relays lasting 90 seconds each,
  • Match score is the total of all points recorded in each relay,
  • NO COACHING ALLOWED – Shooter is responsible for hitting correct targets, doping wind, etc.,
  • No scores will be announced until the end of the match,



BASIC – Iron sights; any type of rifle costing up to $750 MSRP

LIMITED SCOPE – Bare rifle cost under $750 MSRP new, scopes up to 10X power

MODIFIED – Rifle has modifications such as drop-in barrel, trigger kit etc. and costs with modifications is between

$751 and $2,750

OPEN SCOPE – Anything allowed – any rifle, any scope, $2,751 and above

SUPPORTS – Bi/tri-pods, shooting bags, slings, etc. can be used in ALL Divisions (no benchrest supports allowed)



  1. Rifles must be chambered in .22 long rifle only. Other rim fire cartridges such as 17 HMR and .22 Magnum are NOT allowed,
  2. No hyper velocity ammo allowed
  3. Any rifle chambered in .22 LR, may be used, however, rifles with removable magazines are strongly encouraged,
  4. Any scope, iron sight, or electronic sight may be used but effects the Division shot in,
  5. Aftermarket cheek risers or modifications to the factory stock for getting a proper cheek weld are acceptable,
  6. Rifles are subject to inspection by Match Director for Division assignment,


Except for Open and Modified Divisions, aftermarket barrel and trigger work, including trigger kits and other parts that modify the factory action are not allowed. No modifications of any kind may be made to the factory trigger or action, except for factory upgrade triggers for Limited Scope division which keeps the price under $750 MSRP new.  Installation of bolt buffers, auto bolt releases and extended magazine releases are upgraded safety measures and are allowed.