June ViMBAR Match

It’s getting warmer out there, but Jim and Bill set up five quick stages, so we could beat the heat of the day. All stages were ten rounds and had a bonus point for a first shot rifle hit.

  • The dreaded ‘Gary’ on Stage One. Ninety seconds to engage the target from prone supported position.
  • Targets at 400, 300 and 200yds. on Stage Two. Engage twice and move. And back again. From sitting supported position. No sight adjustment after the first shot.
  • Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 225, 175 and 200yds. with a Nevada Sweep.
  • Stage Four started with six pistol rounds at a large 35yd. target. Then from standing position, alternate targets at 215 and 175yds.
  • The tie breaker, Stage Five, started with the grenade pitch and then six pistol rounds at a medium target. Alternate targets at 220 and 160yds from standing position and then repeat from any unsupported position.

Possible high score of 70.


1Mac McAllisterSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5553 (127.33 secs)
2Jim DrulenskySwedish Mauser M-966.5×5553 (154.83 secs)
3Steve FranksFinn Nagant M-28/307.62x54R52
4Bobby RamsayFinn Nagant M-397.62x54R48
5Troy PayneSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0646
6Stephanie WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5545 (125.08 secs)
7Bill HartySwedish Mauser M-386.5×5545 (209.37 secs)
8Steve WeissSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0644 (111.21 secs)
9Justin AllredEnfield No.4.303 Brit44 (186.38 secs)
10Klaus ThomaSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0643 (189.41 secs)
11Gary PfaffSwiss K-317.5×5543 (204.97 secs)
12Dan HongMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R40
13Bill BrizzeeSwedish Mauser M-386.5×5538
14English AndyEnfield No.5.303 Brit37
15Jake JacobsonFinn Nagant M-91/307.62x54R36 (135.18 secs)
16Miguel QuintanillaRemington ‘03-A3.30-0636 (166.61 secs)
17Robert FenstererEnfield No.4 Mk.II.303 Brit34
18Richard KolkoskiFinn Nagant7.62x54R29
19Richard TreesMauser K-988×5726
20Robert RousseauMAS Mle-36.30 cal24
21Ryan MarterellaIshapore No.2A1.30820



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