June Machine Gun Match

This was the tenth and final match of our season. We were lucky again as far as the weather goes. It was sunny and warm for the whole match. We started an hour early to beat the heat. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly and we finished up by 10:00am.

  • The shooter started with a loaded Subgun and had to take out a series of partially obscured knockdown targets that were color coded.
  • He then moved to position two and took out an assortment of steel dingers of a different color.
  • He then moved to a third position and engaged another set of targets of another color.
  • The range was reset for the second run.
  • No team event was held this month.

Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at www.vegasshooters.net for updates and photos.

We will start a new season in September. Have a great Summer. I will send out a notification prior to the match. Date will be 09/09/18. See you then.


22 Class
Ben PostCory44.181st “A”
Joe whiteZippy63.68
Richard JonesRattler71.037


Optic Class
John Wylie Jr.UZI53.361st “A”
Mikayla NebelBeretta 12s63.30
Jack WylieUZI71.771st “B”
Tom WrightUZI74.04
Dave WhiteSterling103.381st “C”


Stock Class
Ben PostMP553.331st “A”
Matt AdamsUZI62.95
Mikayla NebelBeretta 38/4466.241st “B”
Joe WhiteMP566.49
Shawn McClellandMP568.431st “C”
Dave WhiteMP4075.37
Richard Jones???76.49


Unlimited Class
Ben PostMP542.561st “A”
Matt AdamsMAX 3161.39
Bill WallerMAX 3165.53
Mike CollanderM11 Lage67.161st “B”
Shawn McClellandMP568.56
Randy LovstvenMAX71.68
David MillsM11 Lage95.861st “C”
Joe WhiteM10102.25
Ormar LazoMax Lage110.75


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