June 6, 2019: General Membership Meeting Agenda

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order/New Member Intro/General Comments – President, Howard Bloom

Reading of April/May 2019 GMM minutes – Arlan Levitan
Approval of minutes by the membership

Membership Services Report – Rush Harkleroad

Treasurer’s Report: Kevin Swope

May 2019 Treasurer’s Report

Chief Instructor Report – Rush Harkleroad

Range Maintenance Report – Tenny Nelson

Executive Range Officer Report – Pat DeBenon

Pending Bylaws Amendments -Sergeant At Arms – Andy Maline

Weather Station Update – VP Arlan Levitan

Match Director Reports

Old Business – Discussion under Robert’s Rules of Order

New Business – Discussion under Robert’s Rules of Order

Election Results – Ballot Committee

Chaos Ensues


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