June 2021 ViMBAR Match

It’s starting to get hot !!!  Jim and Bill set up five stages, all ten rifle rounds. All stages were  ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ unless otherwise stated.

The tie breaker, Stage One, started with the grenade pitch and six pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. Then from any unsupported position, engage targets at 200, 150 and 100yds, sweeping back to front and repeat.

Prone supported on Stage Two, with a medium 250yd. target and ‘Gary’ at 300yds.

A Nevada Sweep on Stage Three, with targets at 200, 400 and 300yds. Sitting supported, with two points for all hits on the 400yd. target.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Four, engaging targets at 150 and 200yds.

Stage Five started with six pistol rounds at a large 30yd. target. Then from standing position, engage targets at 150 and 200yds.

Possible high score of 70.


1Mac McAllisterU.S. M-1903-A3.30-0662
2Luca BarbieriSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5559
3Joe BrennanSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5557
4Dustin SherrickSwedish Mauser6.5×5556
5Justin AllredSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5555 (187.73 secs)
6James DaigleMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R55 (200.41 secs)
7J.C. LopezSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5553
8Richard KolkoskiSpringfield ’03-A3.30-0652 (137.37 secs)
9Stephanie WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5552 (168.10 secs)
10Marty BridgesCzech Mauser VZ-24.30851
11Charlie PittmanMauser K986.5×5749
12Klaus ThomaSpringfield ’03-A3.30-0648
13Wayne PerrySwedish Mauser6.5×5544
14Kenneth NealCzech Mauser VZ-24-.30843
15Dave NeelySpringfield ’03-A3.30-0642
16English AndyEnfield No.4 Mk.I-.303 Brit41
17Travis LindseySpringfield ’03-A3.30-0640
18Adam TheisMosin Nagant Type 537.62x54R39
19Miguel QuintanillaEnfield No.4 Mk.I.303Brit38
20Don PitchfordMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R30
21Jared TheisMosin Nagant Type 537.62x54R24 (160.85 secs)
22Dale SherrickSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5524 (206.76 secs)
23Jim GreenYugo Mauser.30823


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