July ViMSAR Match

This month was the ‘Not Quite Annual 7.62×39 Only’ match. Five stages, all ten rounds.

  • Stage One, from sitting unsupported position, a Nevada Sweep with targets at 300, 200 and 120yds.
  • A shooter’s choice on Stage Two. Five rounds at a large 400yd. target from prone position, and then a choice to move to a smaller target, two points per hit.
  • Another shooter’s choice on Stage Three. From sitting supported, alternate between targets at 300 and 160yds. Choice of a larger or smaller 300yd. target.
  • From standing position on Stage Four, sweep targets at 225, 180 and 150 yds.
  • Blow up the ammo dump to start Stage Five, with two soda can grenades. (Thank you, Joe !)Then engage a 20yd. pistol target, six rounds. Then from any unsupported position, engage targets at 120, 150 and 220 yds. in a double tap Nevada Sweep.

Possible high score of 70.


1English AndyCzech VZ 52/5745
2Kevin SolanTabuk44
3Lou PanelliRussian SKS42 (66.91 secs)
4Dan HongSKS42 (89.99 secs)
5Steve FranksAK-4740 (84.48 secs)
6Marty BridgesYugo SKS40 (146.38 secs)
7Stephanie WeissSKS38
8Ron JacobsonSKS37 (103.16 secs)
9Bobby RamsaySKS37 (223.25 secs)
10Gary PfaffSKS35
11Bill BrizzeeYugo SKS34 (136.99 secs)
12Richard TreesSKS34 (170.06 secs)
13Christopher GalbreathSKS31
14Steve WeissSKS28
15Tony RamirezAK-4723 (112.01 secs)
16Wayne PerrySKS23 (164.73 secs)
17James BarrettSKS21
18Travis LindseyAK-4714



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