Important Message for DSRPC Members From the President and VP

Without commenting on specific details, we can confirm that:


1. An Officer of the Club filed a Suspected Criminal Activity Report two weeks ago with Metro.


2. The suspected loss was reported to the members at the August 1 2019 General Membership Meeting, literally 90 minutes after members of the Board investigating the matter were finally able to obtain hard evidence that funds were missing. The Board is committed to full transparency regarding this matter. There will be no “cover up”.


3. The investigation is ongoing, and we have been fully cooperating on a daily basis with Metro, the banks, and our CPA firm. We expect that an indictment for multiple felonies and an associated warrant for arrest will be issued soon. We will be able to name the suspect and share all details once that has ocurred. There will be no “deal” with anyone involved…the Club will prosecute this matter to the full extent of the law.


4. The Club’s CPA firm has been informed that a forensic audit should be undertaken ASAP to confirm our preliminary findings.


5. There is no evidence at this time that more than one person was involved in the suspected theft.


We will keep the membership informed as new information develops.




Howard Bloom                       Arlan Levitan

President DSRPC                   Vice President DSRPC

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