Hunter Benchrest Match

Today was our club championship very small turn out a couple of shooters were out of town and a couple were sick. But again it Dave Reymore you took it all, nice shooting Dave. Want to welcome two new shooters Fred & Sharon to our match hope they and a good time and will come back again. Next months Hunter is on10/28/18, setup 7 start 9, it’s the last one for the year and is the Regional Championship. Don’t forget we always have the 22 Rim Fire at the same time
-Howard Match Director


Name 100yds Place 200yds Place Grand Agg Place
Stan LaPointe 243-6x 6th 222-2x 3rd 465-8x 3rd
Ron Orton 244-6x 2nd 235-5x 2nd 479-11x 2nd
Dave Reymore 249-11x 1st 243-3x 1st 492-14x 1st


Factory Class
Fred Dicky 208-0x 1st 139-0x 2nd 366-1x 2nd
Sharon Dickey 208-0x 2nd 170-0x 1st 378-0x 1st


22 Rimfire
Name 100yds Place 50yds Place Grand Agg Place
Ron Carter 216-1x 2nd 236-4x 2nd 452-5x 2nd
Lee Shimabkuro 230-5x 1st 236-5x 1st 466-10x 1st

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