Hunter Benchrest Match 7-29-18

Sunday was our hunter match and 5 brave souls came to the range with the outside temperature at 112 degrees. Our flags were going around in circles, everybody was drinking water like they were in the desert. Dave Reymore was the guy to beat again. Steve Weiss shot his first 50-2x congratulations Steve.

Our next Hunter match is 8/26/18, with the 22 Rimfire match.

Name 200yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Howard Bloom 228-1x 4th 237-5x 3rd 465-6x 4th
Pete Savage 235-3x 2nd 233-5x 4th 468-8x 3rd
Dave Reymore 246-3x 1st 247-10x 2nd 493-13x 1st
Ron Orton 235-2x 2nd 248-9x 1st 483-7x 2nd


Factory Class
Name 200yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Steve Weiss 167-1x 1st 235-4x 1st 392-5x 1st


22 Rimfire
Name 100yds Place 50yds Place Grand Agg Place
Ron Carter 227-1x 1st 236-5x 2nd 463-6x 2nd
Lee Shimabkuro 224-3x 2nd 247-8x 1st 471-1x 1st

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