Hunter Benchrest Match 4-29-18

Today’s weather started off a little windy. After a couple of hours, the wind picked up with gusts to 25mph, and the mirage came in full force. You can tell by the scores that the weather was rough!

There will be no Hunter match in May. Next match is June 24th. We are still having the .22 rimfire match.

-Howard Match director


Name300ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Howard Bloom219-2x3rd210-2x4th
Stan LaPointe237-3x2nd198-0x2nd435-3x2nd
Dave Reymore243-7x1st227-3x1st470-10x1st
Richard Trees168-0x4th154-0x3rd322-0x3rd


.22 Rimfire

Name300ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Lee Shimsbukuro249-11x1st204-0x1st453-11x1st


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