Hunter Benchrest Match 4-28-19

Not a great day swirling winds and of course the mirage, but a day at the range is always good. No match in May because of the holidays, have a safe and happy holidays, next Hunter is 6/23/19. Don’t forget the 22 RIMFIRE match
Howard Bloom
Match Director

Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Ron Orton234-5x3rd247-8x2nd481-13x3rd
Howard Bloom213-0x5th243-7x4th456-7x7th
Pete Savage238-2x2nd246-5x3rd484-7x2nd
Dave Reymore241-3x3rd250-13x1st491-16x1st
Richard Trees220-1x4th222-4x5th442-5x5th
Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Domingo39–ox1st173-0x1st173-1x1st

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