Groundhog Benchrest

Groundhog Benchrest

Rules and General Information

Course of Fire

7 minutes to fire 5-shots for record at 100/200/300/400 yds. Match will consist of 5-record matches for score with a warm-up match at the direction of the Match Director.

Unlimited sighters shot allowed within the time limit at sighter targets, swingers or the berm. When a relay is completed shooters are requested to remove their equipment and exit the firing line promptly.

(NOTE) The match target will not be used for sighter shots.


Factory class: Any factory rifle chambered for ammo produced by Winchester, Remington, Federal, Norma or other major manufacturer. Stock, barrel and trigger must be original factory. Bedding can be changed. No custom work on action. Muzzle­brakes and or porting must be factory original. Rechambering is not allowed, must be original factory chamber. No bolt-on additions or changes to factory stocks.

Unlimited class: Any firearm under .40 caliber.


  • Eye and ear protection required on firing
  • Bolts must be removed at all times until given the instruction to install bolts by the Range Immediately upon completing relay, bolts must be removed prior to removing firearm from firing line.
  • If bolt cannot be removed, or if an action without bolt, the action must be open and a open bolt indicator must be installed in accordance with this rule.
  • A maximum of 1 minutes preparation time will be given when the Range Master calls the relay to the firing line.
  • If more then 5-shots are on a target, the worst 5 shots will be scored unless there is an admission of a crossfire from another shooter or evidence to that effect. If a crossfire can be determined and which shot represents the crossfire the 5 correct shots will be scored. The offending shooter will then lose all wayward shots. In case of crossfire or any other discrepancies, the decision of the target committee is final. Examples: 2 shots on another shooter’s target and 3 shots on his own target, the offending shooter will only receive credit for the shots on his target.
  • Three (3) referees will be appointed by the Match Director for scoring protests. Any protests must be lodged prior to awarding prizes for the match.
  • Targets may be reviewed but not removed until the entire match is completed.
  • Each shooter may shoot only one firearm per relay. The same firearm must be shot for all stages and at all targets for a match score. Shooters may shoot as many guns as they wish per class; the designated gun entered in that class will be the scoring gun.
  • A legal factory gun can shoot both classes with separate entry fees for each In this case, the shooter must designate which spot is factory and which spot is custom prior to the beginning of the match.
  • Ties will be broken by the closest shot to the target bullseye or X­
  • No wind-flags allowed down No extra sighting-in prior to the match on match day.
  • No one-piece rests will be
  • Any and all optics or sights are allowed for shooter or
  • Targets: 300-400 yard match – large GroundHog and 100-200 yard match – small GroundHog target.
  • Best edge will be used for
  • Any shot outside of the score ring but within the body of the GroundHog will be scored as
  • Bonus ring located within the head area of the GroundHog will be scored 15 points. Bonus shot will be 1 of 5 shots scored for each target.