Groundhog Benchrest June Match

What a day! The temperature was 104 degrees and the mirage was one of the worst we have ever seen, my dot was jumping a good 1/2″. You can see by looking at the scores, just how bad today was.

The next Ground Hog match will be on July 8th. Setup at 7am and start at 9 for both match’s.

Don’t forget!
I run a 22 Rimfire match the same day as the Ground Hog match.
Both matches setup at 7am and start at 9am.

Howie Match Director


Name400 ydsPlace300 ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Howard Bloom212-1x3rd225-1x3rd437-2x3rd
Stan LaPointe220-2x2nd229-0x1st449-2x2nd
Tim Troxel157-0x4th178-0x4th335-0x4th
Sheldon Turf227-1x1st226-1x2nd453-2x1st
Jim Green77-0x7th122-0x6th199-0x7th
Richard Trees152-0x5th165-1x5th317-1x5th
Steve Weiss134-0x6th117-0x7th251-0x6th


.22 Rimfire
Name50 ydsPlace100 ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Lee Shimobukuro48-1x1st217-3x1st460-9x1st



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