Groundhog Benchrest July Match

Another great day! The temperatue was 105 degrees, and of course there was the mirage. But, like anything else, you got to love this for what you are doing. Down 4 bottles of water and you still need more!

We are always on the lookout for more shooters. Whether you shoot center fire, 22 Rimfire or both, come on out and have some fun!

The next Ground Hog match will be on August 12th.
Both matches setup at 7am and start at 9am.

Howie Match Director


Name300ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Howard Bloom236-2x2nd226-3x1st462-6x2nd
Stan LaPointe243-1x1st219-0x2nd462-3x3rd
Ron Carter200-0x5th197-0x3rd397-0x5th
Sheldon Turf234-2x3rd229-2x1st463-4x1st
Jim Green133-0x7th136-0x7th269-0x7th
Steve Weiss178-0x5th160-1x6th338-1x6th
Richard trees203-0x4th195-2x5th398-2x4th


22 Rimfire
Name50ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Lee Shimobukro198-12x1st224-1x1st424-13x1st



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