Groundhog Benchrest December Match

Today was the last match for the year. I thank everybody for coming to our matches this year, hope to see all back next year. The next Ground Hog match is 1/13/19. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will still have the 22 Rim Fire along with the Ground Hog Match. Both matches Setup 7, start 9 on range 6


Match Director


Name 300yds Place 400yds Place Grand Agg Place
Richard Trees 199-0x 4th 203-0x 4th 402-0x 4th
Howard Bloom 229-3x 2nd 229-1x 3rd 458-4x 3rd
Stan LaPointe 233-1x 1st 233-1x 2nd 466-2x 2nd
Stan LaPointe 233-1x 1st 233-1x 2nd 466-2x 2nd
Ron Carter 229-2x 3rd 241-1x 1st 470-3x 1st
Name 50yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Lee Shimobukro 247-11x 1st 225-2x 1st 472-13x 1st


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