From the Desk of the President

The elections are over, and I would like to congratulate everyone who was willing to serve for their efforts. I also want to thank everyone who supported me and hope to demonstrate to those who did not, that I will strive to make DSRPC better then it has ever been for ALL of the membership.

Our ERO is close to completing his two year plan for range development and raising the level of the Club’s community service. Our Chief Instructor is planning new opportunities for practical training that will make DSRPC safer and teach valuable new skills.

Going forward we will continue to improve the range and make it safer. New matches such as Appleseed, NRL, Disabled Veterans and the Senior Games have given our members the opportunity to enhance their marksmanship while having fun. If anybody has ideas for something new, bring them forward. If you don’t say anything we can’t fix it. If we all work together, there is no problem so big that it can’t be resolved. Again, thank you giving me the opportunity to serve for another two years.

Howard Bloom

President DSRPC 

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