February 2020 ViMSAR Match

A small but mighty crowd for this month’s match. Almost perfect weather, with very light winds. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated.

Alternating two 300yd. targets on Stage One from prone supported position.

A ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario on Stage Two with targets at 400 and 130yds. Sitting supported. No sight adjustment after the first shot.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 300, 200 and 125yds. Nevada Sweep.

Alternate targets at 200 and 150yds on Stage Four  from standing position. Snipers engaged targets at 400 and 300yds.

Stage Five started with the bayonet throw and grenade pitch. Then six pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. From any unsupported position, engage targets at 100, 160 and 220yd, hit twice and move.

Possible high score of 60.


1Mac McAllisterJRA Winchester M14.30852
2Bill BrizzeeSpringfield M-1.30-0651
3Jonathan PyneSpringfield M-1.30-0649
4English AndyVenezuelan FN-497×5747
5Troy PayneSpringfield M14.30843
6Travis LindseyBeretta BM59.30842
7Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30838
8Jim GreenSpringfield M1A.30837
9Lou PanelliSpringfield M-1.30-0635
10Dave NeelyJRA M1A.30833
11Kevin SolanFAL Imbel.30832
12Amy PyneSpringfield M-1.30-0630
13Joe BallSpringfield M-1.30-0625
14Anthony MillerAK-477.62×3916
Sniper Match
1Mac McAllisterU.S.  M1D.30-0651
2Charlie PittmanSpringfield M1A.30850
3Steve FranksSpringfield M-1903.30-0643
4Klaus ThomaSpringfield M1A.30841
5Richard TreesMauser K-98.30839
6Waylon WaldrepMauser.3084 (DNF)

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