Embezzlement Case Update – 2/24/2020

On February 19, 2020 the Club President and Treasurer met with the District Attorney prosecuting the Kevin Swope theft case.

The DA informed us that based on additional bank records provided by the Club the Defendant has been charged with eleven felony counts (ten for Grand Theft and one for forgery).

The DA stated that the Defendant’s attorney has offered no statements in defense of Swope’s actions and that they wish to enter into negotiation for a plea agreement.


It is the Club’s position that:


  1. The Defendant must plea guilty to all felony counts charged.
  2. Full restitution of all funds stolen must be made to the Club
  3. Prison time must be served, with parole eligibility based upon restitution made at time of allocution.


The DA noted that the since the Defendant appears to have a clean record before the theft, that some judges may be disposed to grant probation rather than immediate incarceration. In point of fact, the final plea agreement is the District Attorney’s call, not the Club’s.


Stay tuned for further developments.

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