The DSRPC NRL22 Match was formed to provide a safe enjoyable event to promote the sport of tactical precision rifle shooting in Las Vegas utilizing the 22LR cartridge. A primary goal of these events is to expose youth shooters to the sport.

Information and rules for the NRL22 can be found on their website, www.nrl22.org. This match will submit monthly scores to the NRL22. NRL22 members will be entered in a monthly prize drawing. The match course of fire will consist of 5 NRL22 stages and 2 local stages. The NRL22 stages range from 25 yards to 100 yards, local stages may go out as far as 300 yards.

Youth shooters must be 8 years or older to participate in these matches. Youth shooters MUST have a parent/guardian present and youth shooters MUST have a responsible adult present while the youth shooter is participating. Youth shooters need to be able to safety handle the rifle on their own so that they may complete the course of fire safely.

When: Second Saturday of each month as listed on the Club calendar.
Where: Range 7.
12201 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135

Fee Schedule:

Non-DSRPC Member Fee To Get On Property$10

Timeline (Subtract one hour for 6AM opening):

Timeline subject to change due to delays in course setup/help ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE SAFETY MEETING Match email: DSRPC.NRL22@gmail.com
Cold Range Sight in Setup6:30AM – 7:00AM
Registration/Inspection7:00AM – 7:15AM
Safety Meeting7:15AM – 7:30AM
Sight In7:30AM – 8:00AM
Course of fire begins at8:00AM
  • Timeline subject to change due to delays in course setup/help

Stage Order:

NRL stages will be run first and then the local stages will be run.

Safety reminders:

  • NO sky loading
  • Accidental/Negligent discharge ends your day
  • No required mag changes in any stages (10 round stages)
  • Chamber flags are required (Cold range rules including sidearms apply)
  • You MUST be on target pointed in a safe direction then bolt forward/safety off
  • At the end of each stage mag out(remove all ammo), bolt back and chamber flag in (Did we mention you MUST have a chamber flag?)
  • Everyone is responsible for safety and may call a cease fire
  • Youth must have responsible adult present when shooting and waiver signed

Gear Restrictions if not stated in a stage description:

  • 1 bag unless Stage Description states otherwise
  • Sling allowed
  • Bipod allowed

No tripod, shooting sticks, monopod.

MD public email: DSRPC.NRL22@gmail.com