Classic AR15

Classic AR15


The Classic AR15 match is designed to give the shooter the experience of Eugene Stoner’s original concept. A light, accurate, ergonomic rifle with simple but effective iron sights.

The course of fire is similar to the ViMBAR / ViMSAR matches. Five stages, usually ten rounds per stage, shot from all the basic positions. Prone, sitting/kneeling and standing.

Target distance ranging from 120yds to 400yds. All steel plate targets of various sizes.

A handgun will be needed for at least one stage.

Required equipment

An AR15, in either rifle or carbine configuration. Chambered in .223 / 5.56mm ONLY.

Any barrel length or weight is allowed.

Any type of iron sights are allowed.

Fixed and collapsible stocks are allowed.

If your rifle is fitted with an optic, it does not have to be removed, as long as the BUIS are used for the match.

The rifle has to stay in the same configuration for the entire match.


Any centerfire handgun of .30 cal or larger may be used.


This match is not intended to be “precision accuracy” or High Power Service Rifle competition.

We specifically prohibit the use on the line of range finders, wind flags, or other such items as deemed “prohibited” by the match designers. In that vein, we often invoke “Spirit of the Game”, the original adage of the ever popular Cowboy Action Shooting™


Sandbags, ammo cans, field packs, helmets, etc. may be used as a rest. A mat or tarp  may also be used for shooting. These will all be supplied at the match.