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February 2020 ViMSAR Match

A small but mighty crowd for this month’s match. Almost perfect weather, with very light winds. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated.

Alternating two 300yd. targets on Stage One from prone supported position.

A ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario on Stage Two with targets at 400 and 130yds. Sitting supported. No sight adjustment after the first shot.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 300, 200 and 125yds. Nevada Sweep.

Alternate targets at 200 and 150yds on Stage Four  from standing position. Snipers engaged targets at 400 and 300yds.

Stage Five started with the bayonet throw and grenade pitch. Then six pistol rounds at a medium 25yd. target. From any unsupported position, engage targets at 100, 160 and 220yd, hit twice and move.

Possible high score of 60.


1Mac McAllisterJRA Winchester M14.30852
2Bill BrizzeeSpringfield M-1.30-0651
3Jonathan PyneSpringfield M-1.30-0649
4English AndyVenezuelan FN-497×5747
5Troy PayneSpringfield M14.30843
6Travis LindseyBeretta BM59.30842
7Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30838
8Jim GreenSpringfield M1A.30837
9Lou PanelliSpringfield M-1.30-0635
10Dave NeelyJRA M1A.30833
11Kevin SolanFAL Imbel.30832
12Amy PyneSpringfield M-1.30-0630
13Joe BallSpringfield M-1.30-0625
14Anthony MillerAK-477.62×3916
Sniper Match
1Mac McAllisterU.S.  M1D.30-0651
2Charlie PittmanSpringfield M1A.30850
3Steve FranksSpringfield M-1903.30-0643
4Klaus ThomaSpringfield M1A.30841
5Richard TreesMauser K-98.30839
6Waylon WaldrepMauser.3084 (DNF)
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January 2020 ViMSAR Match

A little cold with virtually no wind for this month’s match. Five stages, all ten rounds. Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stared.

Alternating targets at 300 and 175yds. on Stage One. Prone supported.

Targets at 150, 250 and 400yds. on Stage Two. Engage until hit twice and move. Sitting supported. Bonus points for all 400yd. hits.

A Nevada Sweep on Stage Three, with targets at 300, 125 and 300yds. Sitting unsupported.

Standing on Stage Four, five rounds at a 200yd. target and five more at a 150yd. target. Snipers engaged a single 400yd. target from sitting supported position.

The tie breaker, Stage Five, started with the grenade pitch and then six pistol rounds at a 20yd. target. Sweep front to rear and repeat with targets at 100, 160 and 220yds. from any unsupported position.

Possible high score of 65.


1Mac McAllisterJRA Winchester M14.30863
2Walt RobakSpringfield M1A.30849
3Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30847
4English AndyMAS Mle. 49/567.5×5443
5Miguel QuintanillaSpringfield M-1.30-0642
6Dale SherrickFN FAL.30841
7James DaigleSpringfield M-1.30-0639
8Christopher GalbreathSpringfield M-1.30-0638 (98.78 secs)
9Jim DrulenskySpringfield M1A.30838 (99.80 secs)
10Bobby RamsaySpringfield M-1.30-0637
11Don BauerCetme.30835
12Gary PfaffSpringfield M1A.30833 (121.22 secs)
13Richard KolkoskiSpringfield M1A.30833 (361.89 secs)
14Richard TreesSpringfield M-1.30-0630
15Steve WeissSKS7.62×3928
Sniper Match
1Charlie PittmanSpringfield M-1903.30-0656
2Bill BrizzeeSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0651 (145.92 secs)
3James DaigleSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0651 (176.70 secs)
4John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0649
5Troy PayneSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0644
6Steve FranksSpringfield M-1903.30-0643 (99.14 secs)
7Jim DrulenskySpringfield M1A.30843 (??? secs)
8Klaus ThomaSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0641
9Jim GreenMauser.30837 (159.30 secs)
10Bobby RamsayFinn Nagant M-397.62x54R37 (225.23 secs)
11Mac McAllisterRomanian PSL7.62x54R31
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December 2019 ViMSAR Match

As a Christmas gift to all, the targets this month were a little bit bigger and a little bit closer. But we still didn’t get anyone with a clean match. But almost !

Snipers shot the same course of fire unless otherwise stated.

Prone supported on Stage One, alternating two targets at 300yds.

Stage Two, engage a 400yd. target until hit twice and all remaining rounds on a 200yd. target. Sitting supported.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 300, 200 and 125yds, Nevada Sweep.

From standing position on Stage Four, alternate targets at 200 and 150yds. Snipers engaged targets at 400 and 200yds. from sitting supported position.

The grenade pitch and six pistol rounds started Stage Five. Then from any unsupported position, engage a 100yd. target until hit twice. Then the same with a 160yd. target. All remaining rounds on a 220yd. target, with two points per hit.

Possible high score of 65.


1Mac McAllisterJRA Winchester M14.30857
2English AndyMAS Mle. 49/567.5×5452 (96.76 secs)
3Stephanie WeissSpringfield M1A.30852 (106.05 secs)
4Dale SherrickSpringfield M-1.30-0649
5Justin Allred??????48 (77.34 secs)
6Troy PayneSpringfield M-1.30-0648 (92.65 secs)
7Walt RobakSpringfield M1A.30848 (136.10 secs)
8Miguel QuintanillaSpringfield M1A.30847 (89.06 secs)
9Christopher GalbreathSpringfield M-1.30-0647 (122.50 secs)
10Lou PanelliSpringfield M1A.30846 (75.06 secs)
11Ken GilcrestSpringfield M-1.30-0646 (114.06 secs)
12Steve WeissSpringfield M1A.30845 (93.34 secs)
13James DaigleSpringfield M-1.30-0645 (119.54 secs)
14Gary PfaffSpringfield M1A.30843
15Jake JacobsonSpringfield M1A.30838
16Keith SmithSpringfield M1A.30834
17Travis LindseySpringfield M-1.30-0633
18Bruce HenryTokarov SVT-407.62x54R29
19Ian PiparoSpringfield M1A.30825
20Charles FresquezSpringfield M-1.30-0623
21Anthony MillerAK-477.62×3921
Sniper Match
1John StonemanSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0662
2Charlie PittmanSpringfield M1A.30859
3James DaigleSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0653
4Jim GreenMauser.30848
5Klaus ThomaSpringfield M1A.30845 (115.25 secs)
6Justin AllredSpringfield ‘03-A1.30-0645 (144.02 secs)
7Steve FranksSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0642
8Mac McAllisterSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0629
9Ian PiparoSpringfield ‘03-A4.30-0615
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